Holding a UK tea party in your garden can help fight and support charities

This coming Saturday, September 4, the National Garden Program will see the Great Britain Party Party, big or small – invite guests, family, and neighbors to a party where everyone is invited to participate. Funds for the amazing Nursing and Health Charities that will be repeated by the National Garden Program (NSS).

All of the money raised goes directly to NGS charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curry. More details are available on our website (visit the website and see who we are).

The important thing is not only the regular visitors to the NGS fundraiser, but everyone is invited to join the Great Britain Garden Party. Instead of being open to the public, you are invited to a private meeting – for a few or more people, or you may agree in your garden.

If you are looking for inspiration, you will find many fundraising ideas and tips on the website (get involved / contact the Great British Garden Party).

By Rachel Tame, Ambassador of the Broadcasting and NGS. It’s really easy to get involved and you can find all the details on the NGS website.

The week for these events runs from September 4 to 12, but some people have already partyed, had great fun, and, like Claire and Charles, have put together a wonderful collection at Corwell. “That sounds like a good idea,” Claire said. Millions of years ago, as a nurse myself, I liked the idea of ​​raising money for nursing charities.

“It was very easy to sign up online and get started. We set up a justice page using the instructions provided. Before our party and people were so generous – he even sent invitations to our friends and family.

The day itself did not look promising – heavy rain disrupted the event – but people began to arrive and did not allow the weather to weaken in true British style. They are all busy chatting, eating delicious cakes and having fun with each other. ”

The couple raised a total of 1,610 pounds. “We were really surprised,” says Claire.

A.D. For the first time in its 93-year history, the NVS forced the closure of all its gardens in the year 93, and there was a lack of funding for consumer charities. The impact of the epidemic means that nursing charities need our support more than ever before and the Great British Garden Party was conceived to help with this shortcoming.

The epidemic’s long months spent in the garden add to everyone’s admiration – and being able to do so with other people is an added bonus. At the same time, the UK hosts some of Britain’s favorite nursing and health charities, while hosting a garden party.

Frequently Asked Questions, Full details on how to register and create the Great British Garden Party Just give page, As well as advice from NGS President Demie Mary Berry and other motivating party members, all available on the website.


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