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Lavender Wand Room is scheduled for June 24-25.

Central County Senior Center Lavender Ladies has an annual Lavender Water Unit at 829 Bay Ave., Capitola, in the Garden Gazebo area from 10 a.m. to June 24, 1999 and June 25. Attendees will learn the ancient method of constructing fragmented packages. Wanders are beautiful in a vase or can be used as a fresh scent for any room, linen closet or drawer. The cost of the room is a $ 20 donation to the headquarters. All materials are supplied to one person up to two wallets. Advanced booking helps ensure that there is a fair amount of supply for everyone in the room. To book, call 831-476-4711 or email mcsc4treasurer @ gmail.

Live Oak

The Santa Cruz Garden Exchange is hosting a June event

Join Neighbors in the Garden at 8-9 a.m. June 25 at Live Oak Grange Park, 1900 17th Ave. By Santa Cruz. Attendees are encouraged to bring a gift from their garden. You do not have to bring anything to receive it. Anything that is not given should not be left in the yard. Email gardencruzer@gmail.com for more information. Join the Santa Cruz garden exchange for any private business Facebook group.

Santa Cruz

Gardeners’ website describes invasive plants

Last week I visited California Invasion Species Action Week and mbmg.ucanr.edu. You can read about the invading species that came to California and what one can do to solve the problem. “People love anything new and unique, and that includes plants for their garden. In the past, when people brought plants from other places to California, people were unaware that this could be an environmental problem. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about invasive species, their negative effects, and how they can help prevent them from spreading.

Santa Cruz County

Major gardeners support the citrus section

Join us at Santa Cruz Garden Co. Lorette Heath Master Gardener and Gardener to learn all about Citrus from June 5-6, 30. Now is a good time to plant a lemon tree. Citrus trees are a versatile addition to any garden. They can be grown in containers or in the ground and a healthy lemon tree will bear abundant fruit for many years. This section teaches you which species work best in the Monterey Bay area, how to choose the right plant and how to plant it properly, both in containers and in the ground. It also provides care for existing lemons and fertilizer and pest control. Visit mbmg.ucanr.edu for more information and to subscribe to this free section.


Prevendeli Farms begins the Oliveberry season

Visit prevedelli.com to pre-order olallieberries for an appointment at a local Santa Cruz farmer market or farm. The olallieberry season is very short, only three weeks, so do not miss it. According to Agriculture Newspaper, ÔÇťOlallieberry was produced by George F. Waldo in 1949 for the United States Department of Agriculture at Oregon State University. Although grown in Oregon, California’s temperate coastal regions have been identified as the most suitable growing region, mainly in the northern and central rural areas of California.

The Garden Digest was compiled by Susan Salinger. Email sentinelhomeandgarden@gmail.com to submit events, meetings, inputs or any other garden related items to the calendar.

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