Home and garden tours highlight the unique design of Alexandria

Twig’s 79th historic Alexandria is home to a rich collection of gardens, both in the historic Old Town and in modern Hills Hills.

(Todd Connell, 2021 Priest)

Alexandria, VE-Twig, Assistant Assistant of Innova Alexandria Hospital will host its 2021 historic Alexandria tour “Garden Glyps” on Saturday, September 25.

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“We are very pleased to be visiting,” said Tigon President Mary Shawn. We were unable to make our annual visit last year, so we can raise funds for the Alexandria Hospital in Glypsps and continue the visitation tradition every September.

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It shows 12 gardens and outdoor spaces scattered throughout the historic district this year. Each unique garden is occasionally open to the public. Gob itors hear information about the garden and the house. A variety of gardens include the English-style garden, the Koi pond garden, and the garden with a swimming pool.

The fund supports Innova Alexandria Hospital, which was on the forefront of the epidemic and continues to treat and treat Alexandria residents. A.D. In 2020, Innova Alexandria provided $ 33.5 million for medical and health care programs for low-income families.

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“Special thanks to Joe Hadid for his work as a sponsor of Goodwill Oriental Rug Cleaning and Home and Services.” We are grateful for his continued support during these difficult times. Ticket tickets are available on Twitter (www.thetwig.org/homes-tour/tickets/) and in person at the Alexandria Visitors Center / Ramsey. Individual tickets are $ 30 pre-sale or $ 35 on the day of the event.

Holly Hills House + Garden Tour

On September 25, the award-winning Mid-Century Modern Hills in Alexandria will host the 14th Home and Garden Tour. First visit The community he created in 1953 was still under development. Since 2006, the tour will be held every two years in the spring, but the 2020 tour has been postponed to September 2021.

(Todd Connell, 2021 Priest)

Recognized for its architecture and design, Hollin Hills is a historical landmark of Virginia Landmark, and is listed on the National Archives. The self-guided hiking trail offers impressive examples of medieval architecture, landscaping, and interior design. Tour revenues will benefit the Holly Hills Civic Association, which is committed to protecting and nurturing the Hollywood Hills community.

This year, the authors describe four columns of medieval modern style describing the Holly Hills neighborhood:

(Todd Connell, 2021 Priest)

Architecture – Wide glass walls allow unrestricted sunlight to penetrate the surrounding area to define the natural environment.

Wisdom: In the middle of the 20th century, American artists explored the world of beauty in a spirit of enlightenment and self-confidence.

Interior – seats, facades and storage go beyond their main function of identifying living space and being part of the architecture.

Landscaping – Each house is focused on enhancing the view of individuals and landscapes, with view lines selected to enhance the shared space shared by each structure. For more details and to purchase tickets (as long as there are offers), visit www.hollinhillsmodern.com/.

(Todd Connell, 2021 Priest)

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