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Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service in Travis County will present the website’s “Domestic Fruit Production” on September 14 as part of the site’s ongoing drought. And Assistant Head of Texas A and M Department of Horticulture.

Managing fruit trees for optimal production will be the subject of a September 14 webinar. (Photo by Texas A & M. Agrillif by Laura McKenzie)

Free live webinars will be available on the Zoom platform. It starts at 10:00 am and ends at noon.

Go to https://tx.ag/LandscapeFruit to register. The website has a limit of 100 participants, but an unlimited number of people can sign up and watch the program.

Daphne Richards, a frequent guest on the Trivis County Agriffith Extension Gardener and PBS Central Texas Gardener Program, said: . After enrolling, participants will be given a link to a live session or to see a recording of the program.

The focus and content of the program

Stein discusses how to plan and manage fruit plants in their landscapes. It discusses the types and varieties of fruit growing successfully in Travis County, particularly in the western Edward plateaus and in the eastern heavy clay Blackland prey. It also explains how frozen clocks and irrigation affect fruit collection and which species are most suitable for the region.

Stein’s research on horticulture includes the development of best practices for pecan, vegetable and vegetable crops. He has authored several Agrilef Extension publications and is the co-author of the Texas Peach Handbook published by A&M Press. He is the editor of the Texas Pekana Manuscript and has assisted in the release of the new “Victoria Red” table wine.

“Dr. is one of our greatest resources for raising fruit in Texas, and we are thrilled to have him share his best practices for fruit planning and management,” said Richard.

Richard said participants will have the opportunity to ask questions in front of the website and receive answers during live programming when time permits.

“Questions that are not answered during a live webcast will be answered by email,” Richard said.

Web site: From Drought to Destruction – The Resilient Central Texas Texas,Available online from Travis County Master Gardeners Association.

She says the book and the 2021 curriculum focus on the principles of xariscaping.

Other programs in the series contact soil, irrigation, and lawns. These programs were presented by experts from the Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Texas A&M University and Travis County Master Gardeners. Past recordings are listed on our favorite garden resources for the Austin and Travis County websites.

More information about seminars can be found by subscribing to event announcements and by subscribing to the blog. Also visit the Agrillif Extension Event Calendar.


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