Honoring the King

Eloise Ogden (MDN) Dr. Logan Wood, Roseville Valve Veterinarian, Yellow Black-Aid Susan (Rudbekia Goldstrum) and other pollen flowers are on display at the Monarch West in the Flower Zoo. On Saturday, August 28, the Flutter Festival will be held at the Zoo from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., including the release of more than 150 royal butterflies.

On Saturday, August 28, the Roosevelt Park Museum in Mento will have the opportunity to participate in the Royal Butterfly Festival at the Flute Festival, with the Royal Departure at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“We Release More Than 150 Butterflies” There is a veterinarian, Dr. Logan Wood. The kings are a special project for wood.

The butterflies grew up in a buffalo plant near Minos, a wooden house, and other individuals.

The Lowe’s Garden Center and the Minot Park District Department of Gardening promote not only honey bees and bumblebees and royal butterflies, but also people like hummingbirds and bats, as well as wood. They said. The discussion will be attended by a local beekeeper, Stradier Episodes of Mercury.

“Flight of the Butterflies” A 45-minute documentary will be shown in the auditorium of the Guardianship Center. The documentary explores Fred Uurkurt, a Canadian zoologist, and the emperor’s butterfly for 40 years, and traces the longest known migratory migrations from Mexico to the United States and Canada and beyond. There is no extra charge for watching the documentary.

The photo shows a royal butterfly on Zinia. Photo from Pixabay.

Dear First Flutter Fest In 2019, about 50 royal butterflies were released in a zoo.

“We will release about 150 tags this year. We hope to release more and more each year to help this species and help scientists monitor their migration, their living standards, and more. he said.

Farmers’ workers released the kings on Saturday to help with the wood. The event will be a fundraiser to promote the wildlife program. Four people who donated $ 5 were also selected to release the 12 kings.

He said that when each king was released from the wood, there was a tag or a small sticker. “It is very simple and does not affect the way you fly. It is similar to putting a foot band on a duck; ›› he said. “Then we put all our data into a general database called Monarch Time.

He said the label on each butterfly It allows us to determine what their migration route is, then to further identify their migration routes, how long they will live and so on.

The emperors who were released from the garden said that they would flee to southern Mexico.

Wood and Shannon Paul, Minot Park District horticulturist and horticulture department are working to establish a monarchy in other areas besides the garden.

The point of the Monarch West is that the caterpillars are given milk to live on and that they give the nectar they need when they migrate. They should be able to eat high sources of nectar during migration. We hope to find these different road locations throughout the United States and throughout North Dakota to promote their entire life cycle and migrate through North America. There is wood.

The buffalo plant, east of Minot, was established as a monarch west. “This is a 5 million square foot defensive royal palace” There is wood. He said they do not use any pesticides or pesticides there. There is no sign yet for him.

“By the end of the year and if the Flute Festival is successful, we will be able to establish more than 10 monarchs in the park district,” he said. There is wood.

The emperor’s butterfly is important in terms of wood.

To me, one of the kings is migrating, but two, one of the amazing animals that can show you that you have a healthy ecosystem – you have healthy plants and everything else. That is why I say kings are important to me ” he said.

The kings were to be included in the list of endangered species This is because the latest figures for 2021 show that the total population has decreased by 80% over the last 20 years. he said.

However, the US Fisheries and Wildlife Service announced last December that the list of royalties had been confirmed, but that it had been banned by priority measures. The king is a candidate under the current endangered species law, and the USFWS will review the situation annually until a detailed decision is made.

He said the biggest threat to the monarchy was the use of pesticides and pesticides, but that the eastern king (east of the Rocky Mountains) was homeless. “People are pulling milk because they think it is a weed.” he said.

It is the main source of food for royal caterpillars.

For those who want to start their own royal way, dairy products (ie, common milkweed, rose swamp milkweed) can be bought or purchased from dairy products when the straw is opened.

The flowers that Paul and Paul recommend include the blue salvia (annual or annual) that grows in September or October, and the purple conchlor (Echinisa piperia).

“Most sunflowers attract pollen, including the most common sunflowers (heliantthus anus), maximilian sunflowers (helianthus maximilliani), strong sunflowers (Helianthus pausillosis) and false sunflowers (Heliopsis heliantides). There is wood.

Although he was not a native of many kings and hummingbirds, he said he had seen patriotic purple flowers in the Buenos Aris verbena zoo.

He said the main thing is the presence of pollen in the north / central region.

Wood said he wants to expand the royal program every year, which is a good program for protection.

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