Horses arrive at the final days of the NYS show – what animals are left to see?

The New York State Exhibition 2021 was a few years ago a few years ago, but perhaps one of the most visible – the lack of animals. Empty and saddled barns will be empowered this weekend as big draft horses enter the last days of justice.

After the start of the Empire Horse Show, the Toyota Coliseum, which is often disrupted until Thursday, September 2, dropped out of training. As soon as Percheron, Cldedel, and the Belgian horses arrived, the ring was filled with the sounds of the surrounding horses.

Today, September 3, at 4:00 pm, the Toyota College will also host a special ceremony to commemorate Naomi Bloomminal, who passed away last year. She has been the superintendent of the NYS Fair Horse Show for 40 years, and is particularly proud of draft racing. Under her care, she became the host of one of the largest six-horse shows in the country.

If you wait to see these big deaths, the draft horses will only compete for two more days: September 3-4. And the only way you can see them is outside the competition ring or outside the college. Horse warehouses are hung on all doors and are closed to visitors.

“We always come to see the horses,” he said, sitting on the couch.

She and her husband, David Simpson, appeared at the exhibition in Bingangton. The Simpson family owns a farm in Iowa and says Abel hopes to take over all fair farming from crops to cows. With a shortage of cattle and fruit and vegetable contests, this is something they are missing out on this year.

Some of the other animals in the exhibition have also disappeared. While organizations such as 4-H have been dragging their livestock shows in the future, some buildings such as Empire Horse shows and baby pigs have been canceled and some buildings have left the city for days.

Many of the people we spoke to earlier during the exhibition talked about visiting the fair only to see the animals, and they were saddened to learn that their loved ones were sitting this year.

At the New York State Fair in 2021, a brown Swiss milk cow will be close and private. Sunny Hernandez |

The animals that entered the fair this year are still a great success as they roam the streets in awe of their beauty, like little cows, or small horses and dairy cattle.

One big eye, looking at a brown Swiss dairy cow, said, “I would like to see the cattle.” “I was on the fence to come this year, but I wondered why not? I have been vaccinated and it is good to stay away from everything, and what better way to avoid everything than to see a 500 pound cow.

Poultry construction at the 2021 NYS Fair

At the 2021 NYS Fair there will be a daily chicken roast competition at the Poultry Building from 4 p.m.

Other favorite animals to visit at the fair are chickens in the poultry building, he said. On Labor Day, September 6, you could be one of the last animals to compete in the Roster Crow Championship tonight at 4pm.

New York State Exhibition 2021

Milk goats at the NYS show. Sunny Hernandez |

Cows have already left the exhibition, but there are still a few dairy goats in the goat, llama and pig barn. Saturday, September 4 at 11 p.m.

The cattle shed also has some animals that you can see, their last show being on Monday, 11 a.m. Labor Day.

Justice Dave Bulalard, a spokesman for the fair, said he hoped the fair would see the return of all animal lovers by 2022.

To view the full schedule of agricultural competitions, visit the New York State Exhibition website.

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