Horticultural Communication Line – Today known as the “Anthropological Swift Line”

Although this is a fruit and vegetable line, today I decided to write about intomology. Instead of the fruit and vegetable line, I will use the onomatology line.

At a meeting of the Charleston Pest Control Association, a large local organization that uses camp days and other appropriate reasons, the topic shifted to Asian cockroaches.

Asian cockroaches look like German cockroaches. However, Asian cockroaches usually stay outside in pine straw or cold areas, and German cockroaches usually stay in the kitchen area.

These cockroaches are so similar that they are known to bind to each other in laboratory conditions. In nature, since Asians are often outsiders and Germans are often outsiders, marriage may not be possible.

If Asian cockroaches come in, they will do something horrible.

They love dim light.

As far as I know, my concept has not been proven by anyone – street lights and lights are outdoors, so they can be used to dim the light.

If they enter your house and you are in the cave with the lights off and you are watching TV, then turn off the TV and go to your bedroom and just turn on the TV, Asian Rock may follow you!

Many homeowners have reported cockroaches. I guess you don’t want your family to feel like an Asian cockroach.

Female Asian cockroaches mature in 67 days. Each woman gives birth to about 80 offspring in about 100 days. You can see how the population is growing rapidly.

In one hectare of cockroach in Asia, 250,000 people are seen in heavy leaf litter and dense, wet bush areas.

If you do not want to deal with cockroaches, contact your pest control company if you have a contract or are considering entering into a contract.

If you are self-employed, try InTice Perimeter Bait: the most effective NOP (National Organic Program) organic product against many pests.

I know it’s still hot and time will move differently with the flu epidemic, but choose your pre-emergence product or fight the winter weeds forever.

The grass is shrinking, so beware of large patches of fungus. Those annoying mosquitoes bite without thinking about how good you are.

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