Horticultural Diabetes organizes awareness programs for orchists

BANDIPARA – The Department of Horticulture has organized a daily awareness program for horticulturalists to develop modern farming techniques.

A large number of farmers were present at the awareness program.

During the program, subject matter expert Shakel Ur Rahman and heavy-duty fruit grower Tahira Un Nisa met with farmers to discuss various distribution techniques under the MIDH.

The farmers have been given practical training on various distribution methods, including sprouting and growing.

Later, a practical demonstration was given to the farmer in the nursery. A question and answer session was held at the end of the program.

He commended the department for adopting such awareness programs and urged them to learn more about modern techniques to improve plant production and health in their orchards.

He urged the farmers to keep in close contact with the department heads so that they can get the most out of the various programs.

They said the department will launch additional skills development programs in the woreda with the aim of training gardeners through various distribution methods, such as cutting down fruit trees.

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