Horticultural sustainability framework positive action in the right direction

The National Council of Farmers and Fruits Council welcomed the release of the Horticultural Sustainability Framework, calling it “a practical step forward for the industry.”

The framework was launched today by the Industrial Research and Development Corporation’s Hort Innovation, which highlights areas of interest such as food waste restriction, improved water and energy efficiency, improving conservation and monitoring, attracting and retaining the $ 15 billion sector.

The framework is designed to be a long-term sustainable industry with significant economic, social and environmental impact on fruit and vegetable development.

“The Horticultural Sustainability Framework will bring horticulture in line with other agricultural products with a strong vision for the future of the agricultural industry,” said Tisen Kat, executive director of the NFF Garden Council.

The NFF Fruit Council represents 22 members of the Australian fruit and vegetable industry and is part of the consulting process with Hort Innovation.

What can be achieved when the industry and the R&D community work together is a good example.

To achieve $ 100 billion by 2030, it is in line with Australia’s NFF-led horticulture sector to achieve $ 100 billion. It is committed to becoming a $ 20 billion industry by 2030.

There are more than 12,000 horticultural businesses and nurseries that employ more than 72,000 workers across the country.

“Creating such a framework for a variety of products – from fruits to vegetables and nuts – is a real challenge. However, the framework includes key areas for the development of the sector, ”said Mr. Kat.

The council is looking forward to seeing the next chapter of the framework and the right foundation for the industry, so we can discuss further steps to build a more sustainable future for the fruit and vegetable industry.

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