Horticultural Week Podcast – Pea-Free Growing Media – Products, Supplies, Needs and Prices – with Southern Trudeau Steve Harper

South Trint CEO Steve Harper Coir said growing media company is renovating the Coco and Coir brand and launching a new product at Harmony Gardens in September.

This is where pea reduction is a big issue.

A.D. By 2020, pea-free retail sales have increased from 123,000 cubic meters to 158,000 cubic meters to 537,000 cubic meters. But pea-based sales have also increased.

Harper (formerly William Sinkler and Bordeaux Mona) said that by 2022 there will be a shortage of sand supply, especially for all Irish produce, and that he expects media prices to increase by 10 to 20 percent in competition with other industries. Alternative materials, although sufficient.

This fall, the Pea Consultative Council is set to halt retail sales in 2024. “No one agrees. We must stop using it … The only problem is the supply of raw materials.”

Another challenge for pea-free fertilizer retailers is convincing them why they pay so much to reduce vegetable production.

It was fun to talk to consumers about the general pea debate and they don’t really understand … There are definitely a percentage of consumers with environmental concerns, but most are not.

Source of Responsibility Traffic light signs will be on the luggage of most manufacturers by 2022. RSS Media Media influences seven criteria.

  • Energy use
  • Water use
  • Social obedience
  • Housing and biodiversity
  • Pollution
  • Reformation
  • Effectiveness of resource use

Meanwhile, Southern Trudeau has 66 new starters for 2022 to add to its current 66 strong production zone. There is a growing media portfolio and the existing packaging is being renewed.

Harmony is the first carbon-neutral media region. Southern Trudeau has made a carbon footprint for transportation from India and all other inputs and is offsetting this through an Indian carbon offset project for wood, food and coconut waste. Harmony’s comprehensive decomposition, soil improvement with additional nitrogen, growth and subsoil.

Retailers now stock up on South Trin, including 50 homes and hundreds of garden centers, including Deby, Squares, Clondkin and Hilliers, and hopes to increase or quadruple retail sales by 2022.

The company has acquired compact products and an environmentally friendly message, especially suitable for urban gardens, including small dummies and forest hill cannons. The products are accredited by the Soil Association.

Vegetable retailers such as www.potgang.co.uk, www.boxandsprout.com and www.sowfesh.com are also customers.

Go to https://southerntrident.com/ for more information

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