Horticultural Week Podcast – Utilizing the Medical Potential of Horticulture Gardens with Dr. Olivia Chapel

Horatio Garden is a national charity for creating and maintaining beautiful gardens at NHS Spinal Injury Centers.

Landscape designers such as Cleve West, Tom Stuart-Smith, Bunny Guinness and Sarah Waga are among those who have given their talents to design gardens.

The charity is named after Goratio Chapel, who first came up with the idea of ​​creating a garden for patients and their families. As a schoolboy, he wanted to become a doctor and volunteered during the school holidays at the Corwell Spinal Care Center in Salisbury.

Horatio noticed a lack of space for patients with spinal cord injury and loved ones, and he came up with an idea. Creating a garden. Supported by parents, Dr. Olivia Chapel and David Chapel (spinal surgeon at Salisbury District Hospital) consulted with patients about what the garden should look like in Horatio.

Sadly, during his summer trip to Svalbard, his 17-year-old life was cut short when his camp was attacked by a polar bear. But donations to the farm have been flooded and Horatio’s legacy has continued to grow ever since, and he is now helping patients, families and NHS staff throughout the UK.

In each project, the charity’s chief gardener, Ya-Ragale, is rising Lee Edwards in a London garden.

During the cholera epidemic, recent locks were used only to increase vegetable prices, says Dr. Chapel

Our main team of gardeners are all considered important employees of NHS and we have kept the projects going throughout the epidemic.

The importance of having gardens in hospitals has really been proven to us.

“At the height of the lock, patients could not see their friends and family and were confined to the ward except for these vertebrate centers in Horatio Garden … so it became a very important resource.

The charity also owns gardens in Salisbury, Glasgow, Stoke Mandeville and Oswestry, building a sixth in Cardiff and developing a seventh garden in Northern Ireland. The goal is to bring the Horatio Garden to 11 spinal cord injury centers in the UK.

In the podcast, Dr. Chapel discusses the fundraising efforts for the HRS Chelsea Flower Show and the Gardener Designers Awards, and the charity’s hosting of a vegan table in honor of Horatio Garden Designer Cleve. West.

The charity is part of a program hosted by Allen Tichmarsh on the last day of the Chelsea Flower Show and then on the BBC Lifetime Appeal on BBC iPlayer.

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