Horticulture industry brackets hit for margins

Hourly King Anthony de Pitro told Australia Ag Podcast that the cost of inputs, supply chain issues and labor shortages were at an all-time high. Listen now

Rising fertilizer and chemical prices, supply chain issues and industry-wide labor exploitation are expected to significantly affect the profitability of fruit and vegetable growers.

Managing Director of Laman Premier Group – one of Australia’s largest national $ 10 million fruit and vegetable suppliers – costs are “going up.” Consumers.

“This year we are completely concerned about the margins,” Mr Piero told the Australian Ag Podcast today. “Our fertilizers, chemical packaging – goes through the roof, and we have supply chain problems with getting things here on time. Shares in suppliers are very low and shipping is lagging behind, so farmers are under stress.

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“Of course we are paying an unsolicited price.

Lamana grows fruits and vegetables on its own farms throughout Australia and works with over 1,100 horticultural suppliers. It has a team of 500 employees and an additional 500 contractors.

Mr de Pitro, chairman of the Australian Fresh Productions Alliance, described the “unprecedented” impact on the multi-billion dollar horticulture industry in Australia as “unprecedented”.

“We are seeing a shortage of skilled manpower in every industry, because there is a shortage,” he said. “It is being invaded by trained manpower and this is causing inflation. In that case, as long as we allow immigrants to move freely, we can reduce the cost of living.

Mr. D. Pitro could not see any relief for a while because he needed to “get people back in, out of isolation and into the system,” but he rejected the idea that things could get worse.

“It will take time,” he said. “Over the past 12 months, we have been out of the country, out of the workforce, without a replacement.

“I think it will continue to improve. Pacific Australia’s mobility plan is very good… and Ag Visa looks at the way to residency (which is good news).


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