Hort’s financial support is now open to applications

Are you 18-35 and are you working in gardening or studying in a related field? Hort Innovation is a proud partner of the Science and Innovation Award for Youth in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry by 2022, and will donate $ 22,000 (including GST) in the Fruit and Vegetable category.

Funded by the Hort Innovation Leadership Fund, the project is for children aged 18-35 working in agriculture or related fields, contributing to the continued success and sustainability of the Australian horticultural industry.

Last year’s winner of the Organic Science Award, Ryan Orr, was awarded a grant to develop a new analytical tool for agricultural biotechnology, which will improve the timeliness and efficiency of biopsy invasion surveillance, making it more effective in catching soil-borne diseases.

The Competitive Assistance Program, organized by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Wealth Economics and Science (ABARES), is comprised of 11 industry categories and is designed to attract innovative projects in the sector and promote pre-professional development for researchers. , Scientists and other creators.

Category winners are invited to submit an additional $ 22,000 (including GST) to the Minister of Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management Award.

Applications for the 2022 round are now open at 5 pm AEST Friday, October 1, 202. Winners will be announced at the March 2022 ABARES Outlook event.

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