Hot Feast Cleveland returns to Reed-All Farm and Otter Park this weekend

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  • Photo by Bob Percosky
  • Fresh Fest is back

Hosted by Red-Fall Farm and Otter Park in the Urban Agricultural Innovation Zone, Free Holiday Cleveland will return this weekend with art uploads, DJs, live music, health and safety activities, the farmer’s market, local vendors, and the children’s zone. More.

The event itself is Saturday, September 11, from 9pm to 9pm

Hosted by Reed-All Farms, a joint venture between Kima Dorden, Randy McSherd, and Damien for He, which has turned 26.5 acres of urban land into a Cleveland Kinsman neighborhood.

“Our goal is to see what is happening not only in the community but also in the county and the state in the Garden Valley and at the Red-Oll Farm Campus at this destination,” said the Environmental Health Executive Director. See, Kim Forman. “We want to have a great success for the first year and create a similar experience in 2021. One of our goals is to support local artists and painters and show that a cultural and artistic festival can take place. In this community. ”

DJ Spinderella is the theme of the show, and other live performances include Kyle Kid, Gumbo Dance Party, Chelsea Pastor, Sami Delen Latin Jazz Group, Red Pink Panic and Jah Messengers.

If festivals are concerned about parking, there will be free transportation on the 8120 Kinsman Road at Queuega Metropolitan Housing Authority and 7903 Kinsman Road on St. Paul’s Mission Baptist Church.

Following the festival, Sunday, September 12, from 1 to 2:30 pm, the Art Gallery’s “Artist Talk’s Grandparents” talk with artists Charmaine Spencer and Gary Williams about their work, “Crossroads: We Still Live”, and will be on display until September 25.

The exhibition includes the work of six artists, six of whom have worked to create conversations with residents, mainly in black neighborhoods.

The talk will be followed by a visit to Reed: All Green Partnership.


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