How can STIs be stopped in the elderly? Condoms like vegetable seeds

Oh, and the condoms can be put in a pot to deliver biodegradation. Planting your seed puts a new spin on it. The campaign by Ogilivi UK was also featured on billboards nationwide. Relate was offering free condoms on their website, but the size quickly dried up.

As the campaign unfolds, we follow Nicola Wood and Andy Forrest, creative directors in Ogvi UK.

What was the summary of Moses’ humble departure?

Nicola Wood and Andy Forrest catch- The brief is intended to raise awareness of the seriousness of STIs in people over the age of 65, to continue sexual dysfunction in later life, and to promote Relate’s role in maintaining a healthy relationship.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​packing condoms to look like seed packages?

To cope with the growing problem of STIs, we had to provide a condom for those over 65 years of age. But their sex education was so poor that it was difficult for the older generation to realize that they needed to protect themselves. They linked condoms to contraceptives, and we often talked to post-menopausal couples who were not easily on their radar using contraceptives.

So, we had to re-learn the secret of Johnny’s role in their sex life. Andy and I were talking about gardening as a favorite pastime and sex, and there was a “Let’s make a condom brand that looks like seed packs.” We put two breast-shaped radishes on a condom together in a photocopied image and took them to our boss, ECD Jules. [Chalkley]He did not think we were out of almonds, declaring that we wanted to create a condom brand. Fortunately, he did, and the Horticulture Association was born.

What was the reaction in kindergarten?

The staff and clients at Finchley Nurses, where we opened the condom in their seed shed, were good and really accepted the idea. We talked directly to our targets about the big thing about putting our condoms in the backyard, and we had two strong lips that day, many accepted the idea and baskets were filled with bedding and prophylaxis. The bedroom.

What do you hope to get out of the campaign?

My Nan and her bingo friends talk about it.

Were there challenges in creating the business?

Finding partners to be brave is always a challenge, but some of the most striking women in Ogilivi UK – for Catherine Estel and Rachel Kumbernola and their team – boarded Hansks and other garden centers, including Finchley Nurse.

We worked with Martha Zafra, a wonderful illustrator, to develop detailed illustrations of various plants. “Is the lip on the onion very similar to the lip on the artichoke?” It was a balanced act of how much we pushed through the various awkward conversations. And “Make sure every vagina is unique.” On top of that, it was a matter of balancing the tone of all the copies on the packets, making sure we had the right level of humor in mind.


Chief Creative Officer – Dede Laurentino
Chief Executive Officer for Innovation – Julius Chackley
Creative Directors – Nicola Wood, Andy Forrest
Design Deputy ECD – Luke Ridway
Management Partner – Catherine Estill
Director of Accounting – Erica Wood
Client Partner PR – Rachel Cumber-Nolan
Senior Creative Editor – Sara McAlpine
Account Directors PR – Jenny Halliday, Erica Cohen.
Head of Offline Production – Justin Cairns
Top TV Producer – Kim Parrot
Top Producers – Su Straitfield, Heather Hart
Descriptive – Martha Zafra
Buyers of Wisdom – Jodi Woodhouse-Ward, Ross Walker
Clear Channel Project Leader – Jason Jarvis

Client client-
Sarah Milsom – Director of Communication and Involvement, Communication
Sarah Osmic – Media and Communication Manager, Related

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