How deep should you plant tulip bulbs? Three key things to know

Installing any type of bulb requires a little skill in determining the depth at which the bulb will be placed, but there are a few simple tips when remembering tulips that are properly planted in your garden. Achieving that wonderful flower bed during spring rotation can easily be done with these three tips to protect those beautiful closed flowers.

Avoiding frost damage while growing tulips is a major reason for winter planting.

If you plant tulips before November, you will be in danger of growing bulbs because the snow will hit the soil, which may be damaged buds.

Tulips should be planted between November and December to grow into their popular rich dyes in March and continue to grow until the end of spring.

How deep should you plant a tulip?

When planting tulip bulbs, the number one gardening rule is to dig at least three inches deep.

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Point the bulb out of the hole into the sky and cover it with soil.

Apply a layer of soil and water immediately after planting your new tulip bulbs.

Tulips do not need much water but need a good initial watering to start growing.

Take a chance on the tulips

Now, you can sit on tulip bulbs this November or December, but as we know, it can be life-threatening, especially when the world is open – and many of us will take the opportunity to go out again.

If you missed the main planting season for tulips this summer, don’t wait until next year.

You can take advantage of these amazingly strong plants – if tulips are transplanted in January or February, they will bloom in full spring.

Although some tulips can come back year after year, it is not uncommon for this one-time plant to weaken.

Re-grow your bulbs each year so they can grow again – to rejuvenate these beautiful bulbs when the leaves turn yellow and store in a cool, dry place until November.

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