How does my garden grow? With a little help from my friends.

Two decades ago, my wife’s dear cousins, Mal and Marge, came from Westport, Conn. .

At the time, I was summarizing my elementary school as a weekend gardener, and as such, I say beautiful green. I was also worried about being greedy. So instead of choosing the big hardwoods that Mal generously and wisely cared about, I flew in with half a dozen samples of the same age as our young ones. They all matured together went to my mind.

Moved to a piece of land by the side of the road, the rhododendron bloomed occasionally, despite my hard work (for the record, my now-grown offspring are doing well). But I don’t care. Well, I’m not so upset. Every time I passed them, I would think of the deceased and smile. The miracle of the soil substance I drink is a small tribute to each service.

When I started gardening, the attraction was limited. It was an unimaginable escape from husband, children, and work. Dressed in a wheelbarrow, laced, rake, and curtain, if I had a vague plan of decoration, I would go straight out of the stone wall to pick up the rocks and roots that you would find on the emotional path.

Now, 20 years or more, there is nothing unique about this pursuit. I am now surrounded by plants that were once important people in my life, and I feel very much their presence. This is not my garden, my community is a garden.

Mal was the first of many charities. I have done very well with the boxing he gave me; He prepares for Rhododendron. The bouquet of flowers that encloses the stone wall behind the house came from my close friend Arlene’s garden. From my friend Susan’s garden, the majestic Fern. I have irises around the big rock in front of our house just because my friend Nancy dug up and divided about me. Because of Nancy, three weeks ago I had Kana Lily growing on a bed on the deck near the garage.

Gardeners share their vegetables in every way cookies share their recipes. My sister, who moved from Connecticut to North Carolina, built her backyard plot and invited her to a meal. Transportation included Our Lady of Mantle, the Convent, Confederates, and Flax.

One morning when I was walking with our dog, an elderly neighbor who saw me admiring her trumpet and Asian flowers surprised me with several garlands a few days later. Detailed Instructions Follow the story of how she met her recently deceased husband. (She was a very young writer and married to other people, but they fell in love with him – his first gift was a flower, guess what it was – and they ran together.

Most of the time, I get advice with supplements: allocating plants in unusual numbers to enhance visual acuity, watering the roots well before planting, fooling around the bed during spring cleaning, the process of losing the necessary heat to endangered plants, and flower beds for various flowering seasons. The need for preparation, thus confirming the color throughout the season. Then it was – if necessary, plant hosts and flowers, but know that they will do nothing but give you a bumper buffet. I heard? Oops, I didn’t.

Still, I have the best garden for all your contributions, and I am the best gardener for all the good advice – and I have some evidence. My friend, who came to lunch last weekend, sometimes liked me, and she wanted to know when I would break up the next time with a daisy and a bleeding heart. the first.

When it comes to outdoor decoration, I try not to think about how much I spent in the summer. When I was new to the game, I really enjoyed the free supply of items from someone else’s garden. Take that, Home Depot. I didn’t have to worry about whether I liked Aaron or not. He went into the ground. And I didn’t get frustrated with the results. If I don’t take that Harrow or Hyrenga because I drink too much water; If I planted them in shade or in the sun, no matter what – I was a beginner.

But now that I have hacked my friend Diantus or the butterfly bush, I can no longer beg for ignorance or subjugation. I can no longer put it in the way of nature. I feel not only the failure of the age, but the loss of my friend, and as a result I am not eligible for additional contributions.

On the other hand, it is especially exciting when these evergreen plants grow.

I like to think that these branches are from countless other gardens and countless other big-hearted gardeners. Especially in these times, he is a beautiful immortal soul.

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