How is the leader of the white supremacist group proud of the boys?

Let’s first talk about the fact that the leader of the proud boys was sentenced to five months in prison for burning a flag. In the last year and a half, how many American flags have been burned by thousands of Biden, Democrats, Anti-Black, anti-black and anti-“protesters”?

How many of these American flag burners spent a second in prison?

That will be zero!

How many leftists, Biden supporters, Democrats, anti-blacks, black activists and “protesters” have been imprisoned for rioting in federal court buildings, police stations and police vehicles? Most of those arrested were Democrats who had never served a day in prison for their crimes.

Here, black life activists burn American flags and no one catches them.

Now why is the leader of the son of pride, the man of color, burned the flag and sentenced to 5 months?

Apparently, the answer to this question is not to burn the American flag, which looks perfect in our court system. Because black life is a flag.

You could say that the difference is that the flag is torn from the building. True, but how many American flags were torn from buildings, homes, and people by the left, Biden supporters, Democrats, Anti-Blacks, Blacks, and “opponents”? My conservative estimate is a hundred.

Can’t we say that the legal system in our country is even close to blindness?

None of the major scam news outlets and organizations are reporting and pointing you out. First of all, how many times has the proud son been called white supremacist by Biden, Biden supporters, left-wing, Democrats, anti-black, anti-black activists and “anti-opposition”? My conservative estimate is millions.

Here is what Joe said:

“The message for the proud boys and the rest of the white supremacist group has been cut off and stopped,” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday.

The name of the proud children is Enrique Tario. Wait, I don’t think I met a white man named Enrique. Did you know that the proud white leader of the “white supremacist” group is not a white man?

Clearly, Biden, the Left, the Democrats, the Anti-Black, the Black Life, and the “Opposition” must be people of color who hate themselves. What else could the left-wing group describe as “white supremacy”?

They don’t think they are liars who cover that fact, do they?

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