How ‘Slag Queen’ Changes Industrial Areas.

Vintendell Rehabilitation ParkCompleted in 2002, it was an important 35-acre coal mine near Pittsburgh. why?

It was a team of perfect, versatile engineers, hydrogeologists, architects, artists, historians and landscape architects. We have learned all about acid dewatering treatment to design a natural filtration system, which eliminates waste disposal for years. Excavators have renovated 19th-century beehive furnaces used to convert coal into coke. We pulled them out of the chain link fence and made science look beautiful. It is now a neighborhood park along the historic bike path. I mean boom. It all happened together. People began to pay attention. There were no models in the United States at that time.

Talk more about recycling materials saved on sites.

I am clever. Maybe it’s because I belong to a big family. So I call this when the construction business sends debris to Maine, as Massachusetts landfills are closed. I still can’t resist the word “sustainability” – this is common sense. I especially like concrete. One sees it as garbage. I saw this wonderful patina. I imagine who is standing there and I see the work there, how beautiful is that?

I understand that you have given the name of your material.

I do not know how to say anything until you name it. At the historic shipyard, we now have the headquarters of the city of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Barney and Betty Ruble, Wilma and Bam-Bam. The staff liked it.

How did you react to the opening Auberland Award?

The award made me really proud, very deep. It’s like, “Please do this.” I think the judges have done a wonderful job, not just the amount of work that has been done, but the impact of one person’s work and the design of one and how much one is willing to take risks. Cornelius Oberland [a landscape architect who died in 2021] I was a pioneer. She was dangerous. Not enough in our discipline.

Have you ever heard personal stories about your work?

My brother Joe recently told me about finding a grandmother at the Urban Outfitters station. They were watching her grandchildren play, and Joe asked her about her relationship with the disconnected US Navy Yard. She smiled and said, “I was cooking in that building.” “I’m so happy to see you alive.”

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