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The name is familiar to every golfer, however. In 1897, on the 40th birthday of Samuel Rider, he lived in a modest house in St. Albans and never wavered in a circle of anger. Popular international competitions seemed to be distorted. At the time, he was, according to his eldest daughter, Lucy Marjorie, “the laughing stock of all merchants in the Holy Grail.”

“I thought you were going to grade 1?” Rider and his daughter, Joan, went to Leeds in 1929 to win the Reader Cup.

Rider has lived with his wife and daughter on the top of Fall Lane and has been making “penny packages” of flowers and vegetables stored in the backyard of the orchard.
According to St. Albany Almanac, every Friday, eager registrants transport their home-made catalogs to the General Post Office to receive them on time for their half-day holiday. It was a revolutionary idea that hurt amateur gardeners everywhere. One of these small seeds grew a strong business.
Ryder, who grew up near Old Trafford, played cricket as a teenager, supporting the bowling alley and Lancashire. Golf was far from the agenda, and as his races contributed to society, he became more involved with religion and education. A.D. In 1903, Rider’s descendants moved to the famous St. Albans compound and employed about 100 workers. Two years later, he was elected mayor of the city and worked hard to build a new church at the base of the garden.

Samuel Rider and British Ryder Cup golf team to South Port, 1933.

In 1912, the first “Reader Cup” – the Good, the Shield of Honor – was created among the best Heritage Schools of the year in the best biblical tests. Fifteen years later, it still attracts less headlines than Samuel Rider, but it is still competitive.
In his fifties, Ryder suggested that he take the game to get the much-needed fresh air and exercise from his workload and golfer Rav Frank Wheeler. Rider was skeptical but gave it to him, and in this way, known to many of us, he was immediately caught up.

April 1929 – Morton GC, Leeds, British golfer George Duncan, England Ryder Cup team captain Sami Ride.

He practiced diligently at the Marlborough House and joined the city’s Verlulam Golf Club at St. Albany Muni, 51, at the age of 51. In less than a year, he was playing with six disabilities and was appointed club captain. His reputation as an occasional “frustrated” drive-thru player has been tarnished.
The key man in the Reader Golf course was a professional golfer named St Andrews, who won the ‘Open Open’ in 1971. Raider put him in charge of a good swing for ፓ 1,000 a year, and the two became very close: Mitchell also had a common experience in horticulture, and perhaps Michelle was once a gardener.

Of course, being Ryder Ryder was not enough. It was in line with his business venture, which began offering grass seeds in British and American courses, and his most successful new herbal company sponsored the Heath and Heather competition in 1923 in Veraum, Michel.
At the same time, unofficial competition between the best professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom began. A.D. But it was an unofficial match of 1926 — a week-long standoff between the qualifiers and the championship — that began with today’s international interpretation.

Walter Hagen (American Captain), Samuel Rider and GB Captain George Duncan at Ryder Cup Dinner on the eve of the 1929 Rider Cup.

Ryder was now there to watch golf lovers, Michael and George Duncan beat Walter Hagen and current Open champion Jim Barnes. Again, Rider was not satisfied with just a quiet spectator – 5 5 for each winning player and for every party – “champagne and chicken sandwiches” – the players could all get to know each other. better than.
The Americans were humiliated, losing 13.5 to 1.5, and Michelle Barn won 8 and 7 by a single. After that, at the Reader Party, it was a shame that Duncan was not happy for the charity event. For British and American amateurs, of course, the Walker Cup was already the same.
Rider immediately saw his potential, and today’s two-year race was born. Ryder 17-inch gold cup designed by Mappin & Webb for 250 250 (add several zeros to the current price of the trophy). He said he wanted a golfer on the cover, and naturally, that golfer must look like the old Paul Mitchell, who was to be the British captain for the first edition of the Massachusetts Worcester Country Club on June 3, 1927.

Rider’s efforts to support the event have raised የራሱን 500 to transport the eight British experts to the Atlantic Ocean after a 500 500 short appeal, but unfortunately the European team was beaten by Walter Hagen’s “domestic” 9.5-2.5. .
Earlier, the Englishman had called for a “unification” between the two countries, but the United States refused to replace the injured player. The lineup is too late. Asked how he liked the role of captain, Sir Walter replied, “From now on – surprisingly, he continued to jump to the next five American sides.”

Smile for the Electronic View Engine, Dear… ”

Despite his financial contributions, Rider missed the first six-day trip for fear of a six-day trip and had to wait until the next meeting in Morton near Leeds in 1929, before fully appreciating his success, leading the all-encompassing George Duncan to a 7-5 lead.
Rider’s biggest golf season, however, was when he returned to Britain in 1933 (not just because his side won again, 6.5-5.5). He joined the Prince of the West, the Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club in the 15,000-spectator gallery, and the future of the Rider Cup was confirmed. It was also confirmed that the last time Samuel attended his event – perhaps because Britain had not won the trophy again in 24 years.

A.D. In 1935, Ryder became seriously ill. He died on January 2, 1936, during a Christmas trip to the London Langham Hotel due to severe bleeding. He was buried in St. Albans with his favorite machine (5-iron) and remained under his will for less than ሺህ 30,000. An accompanying note from the Great Man states that this was due to the many charitable contributions in his life when he was “in the best interests of all.”

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