How these wise entrepreneurs made their garden business successful

Like thousands of parents across the country, Chiron Sanhais struggles to run his business from home while his children run around the house.

The 43-year-old, who hails from West London, runs an event and exhibition company, was upset that he could do the kitchen work in the kitchen — and leave it all before dinner.

So, along with business partner Matthew Wozniak, the two men decided to focus on their skills and start my own garden unit, which offers backyard gardens.

“Like all the other country kids, we just sat there trying to do our job,” said Kiron. We realized how impossible it would be when the children finished school at 3:30 – this is when the schools opened.

I only said if I had a garden room – this would be the shortest ride ever, but I could get my stuff in there, and I would leave it all there instead of fixing it when the kids came home.

We have a large team of developers who have worked together for many years on our exhibitions.

So I approached them about gardening. One of the things we wanted to focus on was customer service. ‘

Behind the business

Martin and Cairo, the founders of My Retreat Garden, wanted to create places where parents could work quietly and quietly. Photo – My Restaurant Garden Rooms

Keiron Summerhayes and Matt Wozniak worked together for 20 years before starting their own businesses.

As soon as the outbreak occurred, an event and an exhibition company both resigned in March 2020.

Fortunately, they still had clients to work with, and they were “rolling” financially, but they knew it would be a good time to build their skills. So they opened up my retreat garden [], By providing audience designs.

When the epidemic really broke out, I left my job in March 2020 to set up an event company with Matt. So it was a wonderful time!

I always do sales and marketing and he always does the shipping side, which is why the partnership works so well.

We are lucky to have customers who work with us, but the events did not happen.

We were financially secure and were still doing a lot of planning work with other companies.

But we wanted to know how to change the business, even though the lock gave us a front seat. No one knows how long it will last, he said events will return in January 2021, but what are we thinking if we are not.

‘You never know what’s going on around the corner. So we thought that there were two very similar businesses, since all of our team skills were completely transferred to the garden business.

Although the idea of ​​working on the same project had been raised in the past, Kiron said he had been given a “serious idea” when it came to working with three children.

He said that we will look at what kind of business we want to be in three years and then we will plan our business and then move on.

As a relatively small group, we did not take the world, so we were limited in our choice of location, so we did not want to travel all over the country.

And we don’t want to be everything to everyone, and our values ​​reflect that.

We’re really excited about how well it went – we’re getting more and more interesting questions now, such as high ceilings, trapezium-shaped rooms, and a deep sink, so we’re definitely interested!

Kiron and Matthew came up with a business plan, came up with 3,000 modern designs, starting at ,500 22,500.

Their website launched in November 2020, and they had their first sale next month. Fast forward to today, and have built 24 buildings around them.

‘We are doing very well. We are all English. We sit down with the client to understand exactly what they want, because even though we offer three models, all of our components are overlapping, so far each one is different.

We made everything from swimming pools and hot tubs, playrooms and a wonderful gym.

We built a showroom in Adlidton, Suri, because we felt it was important for people to come and see it.

In less than a week, it has generated nearly a million views and will be re-used by Cairo and Martin. Photo: My restroom garden rooms

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