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R.Eyes, Winds, Suns, Rains, Winds, Suns – This summer’s different climates have caused a lot of lawn growth, which means things are floating or running everywhere. I really have some geranium goals to control the world. Now, these plants, in a window box or in a flower pot, often need gentle care so that your plot will be honored at the beginning of the harvest.

It can be difficult to know where to start when your garden begins to take its own life. Do not panic. First, pour a cup and look at the whole area, full – what do you want to highlight? What should be thin; What should go completely? Then I work with grain. First, I go beyond anything that needs help – they are usually tall things like sunflowers, aster, dahlias and herbs. Then burnt, rotten, or very rotten, especially large-leafed plants, such as thorns, brazilian, or rhubarb, are placed on the surface of the soil. A large, rotten leaf is a slippery mecca, and you can avoid many damage by freeing the plant’s roots.

The particles of faith.
The particles of faith. Photography – Target

Then I calmly corrected anyone who was not a good neighbor. I have a lot of self-seeding plants that are grown for herbal medicine, and these are now trying to support themselves, so a small cut can make a big difference in how the garden is damaged.

Also, it may be necessary to prune or cut down any self-seeding that takes up a lot of space or rains a lot, and will only destroy the next generation next year. Nasturtiums, opium poppies, honesty, Angelica Gigas, Verbascum, orachs, feverfew, lettuce rocket, malus or valerian all have this habit.

Cut short-lived species, such as Cent router.
Cut short-lived species, such as Cent router. Photography – Getty Images

If you cut short-lived species: like red valerian, Centranthus ruber And the pure white shape C. Broom At the end of this month it is difficult not to store seeds, then you can stimulate plant growth, which means that plants will last a little longer the next year.

However, the deadly heads of other things must be considered, because if you want to harvest seeds, then you want them to ripen in the usual good weather and in the following wet weather in early September. This means you should stop shaking your head at the end of this month. This is especially true for runners / French beans who want to eat dahlias and dried beans in the winter, which are surprisingly good for growing seeds and flowers in the first year.

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