How to create a white flower garden this spring

Imagine a colorful pop-up pop-up pop-up in your mind’s eye. Starbucks have red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple benefits — they create a variety of textures and attract a lot of useful pollen — but the benefits of white flowers are minimal.

Have you ever heard of “Shadow Garden” or “Moon Garden”? White and silver are the techniques of every experienced landscape architect to reflect the dim light. You see, it reflects white light and draws the eye to another dark place – no intense color required. That is why you sometimes see whole white flowers on the sidewalk.

Of course, white flowers will help you to find a specific wow factor in your flower garden without throwing a pantathlon color chart. There is something about snow-white on the green leaves that creates beauty and timeless beauty.

Here is a step-by-step guide to planting a full white flower garden.

Great flowers to plant in a white garden

Brian Pumphrey / EyeEm / Getty Images

When planting a white garden, it is important to choose flowers that can withstand at least partial shade in order to illuminate the shade area. For pedestrian boundaries, look for low-yielding varieties such as petunia, epithelium, sweet alisum and candy. There are literally millions of flowers to choose from.

Ideal for tall rooms in your backyard, daisies, camellia, flowers, roses, tulips, fries and gardens. Looking for poets? Try climbing a hydrangea, star jasmine or lunar flower. The good news is that you can only plant as many flowers as you can in white.

For winter brightness, think of a green star like a blue star pine. This shrub is close to the silver-blue region but is most effective when the flowers are seasonal.

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