How to create holiday decorations from your backyard and backyard

Christmas is a time of celebration. Time to turn on the lights, cook special dishes and decorate the house and yard. It’s time to dump her and move on. I start decorating after Thanksgiving because I want to enjoy the decoration for at least three weeks, not just a few days. If you are trying to get things off the roof, you should have plenty of time to enjoy the person in December.

I start by putting the birthday scene in the living room, taking out my big Santa and deciding where to go this year. Then I fill the container with mangola in the living room and prepare it for different places in the house with green and holly fruits. Fresh green plants make it a lot of fun.

Use Magnolia with Dry Hydranas to Reproduce Dresses.

Magnolia is probably my favorite green plant. It is shiny, I have a dark green and a cinnamon-brown with velvet underneath. I like small-leafed magnolia like Little Gem and Teddy Bear. The tree is small in size and can fit into a small garden and the leaves are small so they are easy to use in preparation. ‘Hasse’ is another large magnolia to plant because this type of magnolia is very narrow and has small, well-shaped leaves that fit into small spaces. My favorite is Velvet underneath.

Magnolia adds a festive touch to any outfit.  Here the dried hydrangeas and Harry Lauder leggings add to this gorgeous dress.

Another favorite is boxwood. You can use it to make a beautiful wreath or to mix it with other green plants. I want to mix a little magnolia and add a little bit of light fiber to make the event glow. Holly is a favorite green used. Shiny leaves and interestingly shaped leaves add to the texture of an arrangement. It also goes well with cedar or juniper.

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