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There are many reasons to plant walnuts in your garden, from delicious apricots to spicy soups, says Mark Diacon.

In mid-July, as I was about to give birth, it was not uncommon to see me with a knitting needle on my way to a nearby almond tree. I didn’t go to the shade to finish my hat or pair of gloves, but looking for the size of a golf ball, before the shell was formed. I did not hesitate to let the knitting needle go to the other side of the body from time to time.

I will follow, two weeks later, in the footsteps of Emilia-Roman women in northern Italy, in a small beauty, at the end of June, to produce these “green” Wallace known for their amazing aperitif in local spirit alcohol. Like Nosino.

There are contests, usually only for women, to establish the best, so this homemade drink is taken seriously. Raising your own walnut is part of this noble tradition. Green walnuts can be made – they are delicious in this way – but most of my favorites are sprinkled with vodka in a classic, well-known, like Deacon Ninocino.

It’s super simple – pour a quarter of 29 or 31 green walnuts (an unusual number is traditional), in a liter of vodka mixed with 400 g of sugar. Spices – such as vanilla pods, cloves, lemon zest and cinnamon – are occasional alternatives.

I rotate it every day for two months (remembering it), and then drink it in a bottle. The dark, syrup, bitter sweet drink is an excellent icing or dripping on ice cream.

Store-bought walnuts are harvested and dried to extend their shelf life, and although they may be very good, some texture and taste are lost in the process. Unmarried, like “wet” waltzes, they are unusual and another good reason to raise your own.

Wallace is ready to pick at the beginning of the harvest. You notice a slight fall and the green scales begin to split, ready to release. Do not hesitate at this time, otherwise the squirrels can be cleaned.

Shake the branches to release the fruit – it may be convenient to hold a blanket – and remove the bark as soon as possible to reduce the potential for fungal infection. I recommend that you shave and cover kitchen gloves as tannins can contaminate your fingers and clothes.

To make it easier for the fleshy green shell to come down and reach the nut itself, carefully twist the point of the sharp knife and twist it between the halves of the shell. Almonds will be stronger, but softer
It has dried walnuts and is rich, creamy and has a strong flavor.

Everything you want to store later can be dried in a low oven or in a water dryer. Store in the refrigerator to prevent contamination.

Walnut trees are not small. Most grow to 20ft height and spread over a decade. If they are not cut down, they will continue to grow. It is also advisable to have at least two pollen-compatible species — although most of them are theoretically self-replicating, male catkins and female flowers may appear at different times.

Broadview and Franquette are two great, safe, and, most important, early varieties that should be given to you in three to four years. Walnuts are easy to grow, require little pruning (harvest, shape, size, and damaged branches), when they need watering, and produce the best varieties safely. Wet, well-drained soil is ideal for late frosts.

Each plant has potential drinking fountains. If there are squirrels in your county, expect them to be drawn to your wallets. You may be lucky – squirrels never hit the bullshit. if so
Previously, you had two choices – human traps or freeing yourself to share the harvest.

In my experience, a few years after its inception, the harvest is enough to share a little with the wildlife, and for Nosino, if you harvest some earlier, they are well ahead of the squirrels.

Before I planted an orchard and walnut fence, I read about the effects of a chemical released from fallen leaves that could hinder the growth of juglon, undergrowth, and other plants, but I found little evidence of that for decades or more. .

Apples and Erickson They are very vulnerable to action, so I will probably avoid them if they are nearby.

Finally — and a few people, even those who grow up, I was struck by a few people who knew how to do this: Massage the leaves: The smell of lemon-orange soup is one of my favorite vegetable fragrances.

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