How to make the best use of gardening bonus

IIt seems like you can’t pick up a magazine these days without reading the measurable benefits, because vegetables can affect both mental and physical health – from reducing stress to reducing the level of pain. However, as a person who spends most of her time sleeping with herbalists, I wonder if there is the opposite. Some aspects of gardening – both indoors and outdoors – can also be a source of stress, and if so, is there any way we can improve the medical benefits of gardening?

When it comes to houseplants, all you have to do is look at the hashtags on Instagram. Things like #plants -man-happy and #potyp parenting show that it is a healthy, emotional desire to nurture and nurture a life that is often driven by people’s desire to be creative. However, you will find hashtags thrown into the mix, just like # plant protection underground.

As an owner of at least 500 plants, I admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of dependents. I also had to stop by hovering over the “Add to Basket” icon to see if I needed that unusual new orchid or if I was caught up in an unhealthy endorphin fight. If you find this happening, there is no shame in simplifying your collection. A few well-cared for plants will be a source of much joy for you, and certainly also a good source of plants. If your friends and family are like me, you may be enjoying a renowned herbal gift, and if not, there is an online market for mature plants that can give you pocket money to invest in proper plant care.

For outdoor gardeners, the biggest source of stress seems to be weighing in on the questions people send me, worrying about cleanliness and order. This is especially true of structural features that require constant care, such as topiary, standard fences and lawns. My opinion on these is similar to that of the latter, the great, Christopher Lloyd: If you love your grass and it makes you happy, that’s great. However, keep in mind that if it is a job, there are no rules for gardens. Also with fences and topiary. All kinds of low-maintenance, free-flowering plants fill that space, giving you more loads and less stress. In fact, giving up on personal hygiene in general may not only reduce your workload but also make it more attractive. In our ever-increasing purity of life, wild fields of butter, dandelions, and daisies can bring more happiness than barren borders. A small desert also provides shelter for all kinds of animals – from hedgehogs to garden birds – with its extraordinary activity, interest, and bird singing.

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