How to perform fast and easy crop rotation

For many farmers, that time will soon be again – crop rotation. New crops should be started as early as possible, so good preparation and performance are very important. If crop rotation is not done properly, there is a good chance that pests and diseases will enter the crop, and of course this is something you want to prevent. This blog explains which machines can be used successfully for crop rotation by Steenks Service.

During crop rotation, hard work is done in a short period of time to remove old works, clean the greenhouse completely, and prepare for the new crop. The goal is to complete the cleanup so that the new farm can be cleaned up again.

Transportation in the greenhouse
In addition to the crop, old stone wool carpets should also be removed from the greenhouse. Our MultiCart Transport Trolley provides this solution. In fact, this truck can be used to store new rock wool rugs in the greenhouse. In addition to driving rock wool rugs inside and outside the greenhouse, the MultiCart transport trolley is also ideal for transporting young plants on Danish vehicles.

Cleaning the greenhouse
Is everything removed from the greenhouse? Then it’s time to clean the main roads. Cleaning machines from our region will help you with this. Need to clear a large page? The Stefix 1000 cleaning machine has a cleaning capacity of at least 5,500 m2 per hour, so your concrete floors will be clean in no time.

Cleaning the greenhouse and the machines themselves during crop rotation is an important step. Even the smallest crop residues can carry viruses and diseases. Our spray cart on air conditioners and greenhouse roof cleaners will help you along with others.

Rent gardening machines during your crop rotation
In addition to purchasing fruit and vegetable machines, the Stenx service offers the opportunity to rent a variety of machines, including floor cleaners and electric tractors. You can also contact us for the rental of railroad cars. These cars are often used to hang AC foil during the crop rotation, and to cover and clean the lights in the greenhouse during crop rotation. Renting one or more machines may be the solution when you only need the machine during crop rotation. This prevents high purchase costs and you do not have to worry about repairs on the machine. We will give you the full rental machine to get you started right away.

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