How to prepare your garden for winter

For all the loving gardeners, there is a day of mourning in the early spring. The last summer was full of dust, sand, and sweat – but there were huge garden plans to come even after hours.

Fall falls on Wednesday, September 22, but there is still much to do in your garden, and there are many ways to enjoy it. The two generally go hand in hand – taking care of your plot makes it a better place, so they spend more time there, even when Mercury falls.

Caring for many spring gardens and preparing for the coming winter – caring for the soil, collecting fertilizer leaves and planting bulbs that provide the necessary hope and light in the depths of February, and happiness down the line. Summer garden lacks satisfaction and quick satisfaction, but there is something slower and somewhat more satisfying, knowing that the weather will be better when you reap the rewards.

In mid-October, a rope was tied around a well-armed group of friends to transport a ton of well-decomposed manure into the house and garden before they went to a socially isolated lunch. This is a very effective method of decomposing, but somewhere between October and December, the load of organic matter on your beds, before the ground is very cold, will thank you for your spring plants.

Winter bedding

You can trim the bulbs before or after you plant them (tulips will definitely come in), but it is a must in the fall to spend a bright summer afternoon on everything that you have cleverly ordered in advance — or all that you have been caught stealing in the supermarket. Be prepared to plant irises, alliums, narcissus and frills in the beds with tulips, but you will inevitably throw some of the leftovers into pots.

Speaking of pots, they are a sure way to confirm the details when a garden begins to decline. Why not plant the annual viola ‘tiger’s eyes’ in Victoria Teracota seedlings for display on the garden table? It is a good idea to have a few flower buds, as well as strong annual ones that do not show up until spring.

Fire pit – especially one of the oxidized metal – stays firmly on the Christmas list (not in my garden), so get creative to build an outdoor intersection outside of your own. In your garden, two sturdy chairs or benches in a sunny spot, surrounded by some fragrant winter delicacies — sarcococa, daphne, winter honeymoon — and not far from the door, can bring me a cup of coffee. Puffer jacket even on very cold days. Because cool, fresh air and some potters can make the world a better place at night.

Spring flowering list

  • Plant bulbs
  • Strong annual sowing
  • Malch
  • Get out there with a hot drink


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