How to properly store and store your garden fruits and vegetables

Jungstown, Ohio (WKBN) – During the growing season, the canning season is marked from early to late summer and early autumn. So how do you handle food properly?

To protect your fruits and vegetables and keep them as fresh as possible, canning is recommended. Many supplies are offered in local markets.

Canning is the process of sterilizing and sealing food into airtight glass jars. There are a variety of canning methods recommended for different foods.

“You have a pressure tank and then you have a shower. A lot of jams, jelly and tomatoes, as long as they are acidic, but everything is under pressure, ”he said.

Experts say that canned food is usually good for a year. To do that, they encourage you to name the food item and the date it was made.

“The reason is that it starts to lose its flavor.

Now that the candy season is over, experts say it’s a good opportunity to store and store food for the winter to keep it fresh.

“Who doesn’t want to go? You can take that sweet cornbread out of the fridge or into a soup pot and make spaghetti,” said Carl Angelli, an Anglican farmer.

Dietary supplements can save money and time, but experts say it should be done right because

“You may have botulism or other foodborne illness,” he said.

To prevent this, it is important to sterilize equipment to prevent any transmissible contamination during the casting process.

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