HP Apple Farmers want support price on Kashmir lines

A few days after a sharp drop in Apple prices in Himachal Pradesh, farmers across the country called for support prices on the Jammu and Kashmir lines.

Expressing concern over the fall in the price of Apple and the exploitation of farmers by abandoning the APMC law altogether, Kisan Sangarsh Sumiti called on the regional government to fully implement the market intervention program.

“Trade bids must be conducted in strict compliance with the law,” said Sanjay Chahan, secretary general of Summit.

The government has been asking farmers to pay the commission’s agents on the same day as the sale of fruits.

On the day of the purchase, the regulation requiring payment to the farmers will be strictly enforced and strict action will be taken against those who violate the rules, Chawhan said.

The constant run-off in Apple markets over the past 10 days has once again raised serious concerns 6,000-crore Apple economy.

If the government does not meet our demands, Kisan Sangarsh Summit will start mobilizing farmers, Chauhan said.

They also hold government policies accountable to low-income farmers in apple farms. The regional government’s anti-reputation policies have led to an increase in the price of agricultural and horticultural inputs, ”Chawhan said, adding that subsidies on fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, fungicides and other commodities have been cut off. To buy these items at a high price.

Prices for the 20 kg apple box in the market vary 300 to 1,400, which is the lowest production cost in the last 15 years, says Chauhan.

So far, the government has only purchased C Grade apples In K.K., which is much lower than Kashmir.

Farmers are also concerned about the government’s efforts to make the APMC law more effective. In the state, commission agents and wholesaler Carter said it was so strong that it controlled its daily operations, farmers said.

Kisan Samiti The farmers are being prosecuted 40 – Illegally in a box 60 with employee pay, bank / DD payment and discount.

He said the labor charge has been adjusted 8 in a box while the farmers are being prosecuted 15. Chahan called on the government to intervene immediately to stop this “robbery.”


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