HP has, in principle, approved the Rs2,095 crore infrared development project

Infrastructure development project aims to create new destinations for tourism by creating new destinations, improving existing destinations and preserving and preserving heritage, said HP Prime Minister Jame Ram Takur.

Himalayan Prime Minister Jai Ram Takur said on Wednesday that the principle had been accepted 2095-crore Asian Development Bank Infrastructure Development Project.

He said 90 percent of this will be supported by the center and 10 percent will be by the state. He said the project aims to create new destinations for tourism, improve conservation and enhance existing destinations.

He said the project has taken into account the development of ecotourism by creating lesser-known areas to alleviate the burden on congested tourist destinations. Jay Ram said the project will be implemented in two phases.

Meanwhile, Jay Ram, who spoke at the 37th Anniversary of Dr. S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Nauni, said that higher education institutions, such as the UHF, have helped develop new technologies and technologies that will benefit farmers.

He called on the university to increase its income and standard of living by providing skilled manpower, exploring new technologies from new research and disseminating this knowledge to farmers.

He said more than 80 projects are being implemented with the financial support of various institutions of the university and Varsitu has secured 18 new projects in the past year. 7.45 crores.

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