HSVP to offer 63 plots at half price to develop kitchen gardens

Harina and Shahari Vikas Pradikaran (HSVP) will provide 63 small plots of land to residents in various fields under the Property Office to develop kitchen gardens, he said.

HVSP Officials say corner areas in the western part of the highway, mainly in the western part of the city, will give priority to plotters living in the compound at about half of the current market price.

HSVP real estate officer Vicas Danda, for his part, said he had identified 63 plots that had not been sold in previous bids. “These lands have been cleared and it is proposed to sell these lands to the residents. The first polls offer assignments to share these plots, but others who are not interested can purchase them. These lands will be given half to the sector, ”he said.

If the plots remain unsold, the authority will set up small parks and water bodies in these areas with the help of residents’ charities, officials said. The move aims to alleviate the financial crisis caused by bank loans.

A.D. In 2018, HSVP said it has decided to offer these shelters, also called random spaces, at 50% of the current reserve price. Other assignment terms and conditions remain the same.

According to Danda, the authority will closely monitor the misuse or violation of unsold conspiracies.

In addition, the Authority plans to sell an additional 60 to 70 hectares under the Office of Property after adequate planning. “We are also working to complete pending projects such as establishing a car market in Sector 10a. Soon a similar survey will be conducted, ”Danda said.


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