Hundreds of acres of water sank in Ajanala

Manmet Single Gil

Tribune News Service

Amrisar, September 12

Reconstruction of a small canal, regardless of the geographical location of the area, has created problems for farmers.

They are exposed to rainwater and their crops are submerged.

For his part, Dr. Bad Singh, former director of horticulture in the area, said the sidewalls are 4-5 feet above the ground. “The water from the highlands flowed in a natural way. But because of the concrete walls, he is now trapped; He said the orchard and about 400 hectares of paddy crops would be lost if the water was shut down.

Local farmers say the Ajana and Canal minority crossing through Otiana began in 1952-53. “It has been dry for many years, but it has been rebuilt with concrete walls.

The mud banks would let the water pass if it rained heavily, ”said another farmer, Amrick Singhna. He said the irrigation department had to build underground tunnels under the canal to allow rainwater to pass through. He said local farmers had informed the irrigation department officials several days ago.

“Farmers have been protesting for the past 36 days,” said Satam Singh Chuck, leader of Jamhori Kisan Saba. If the department took timely action and built tunnels, the farmers would not have suffered the loss of stagnant water to their crops.

He said senior management officials should look into the matter and come to the aid of farmers.

A special girdawari lost in Tar Taran

Punjab CAB Captain Amarder Singh on Saturday ordered the deputy commissioner to conduct a special emergency to assess the damage to crops and houses caused by heavy rains that caused flooding in nearby villages due to the Kasur Nulah floods. Meanwhile, MMM ordered a large team consisting of senior officers of the department and the sewer wing to immediately run the operation by installing the necessary equipment and manpower to irrigate a few villages in Kemkara. Patty Tahsil area. He directed that flood protection be strengthened to prevent any recurrence of such incidents in the coming days, as there may be constant rains in the region. CM called on the relief and rehabilitation teams to be prepared to deal with any eventual rainfall. OC

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