Huntley Prey’s Shepherd supports the mission of the Arctic Gardens

The pastors of the Priest Lutheran Church in Huntley included the Church’s commitment to “young people growing up in the Church” and its commitment to “encourage and equip all to make a difference in the world of God.”

Community access is high at the top of the list to achieve that goal. Church members volunteer or donate to the local Grafton Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, North Illinois Food Bank, PADS, and others.

Another organization that is close to his heart in many ways is ARK, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless people re-enter the community through agriculture.

Families at Huntley Church support an agricultural program that supports the Ark community. At the beginning of the growing season, unscrupulous homeless customers planted two hectares of fresh vegetables on a Hebron farm and purchased an annual subscription.

Church member Vick Bakeris is the coordinator and driving force behind the Church’s support. He picks vegetables every Saturday and prepares all the members of the Church to fill their bags with fresh produce after the weekend services. Bakeris, himself, has an amazing story of his own. Many years ago, he was a customer of the Arctic Gardens and gave priority to the non-profit in his own life. So he is now serving as a board member of the Arctic Gardens.

“I can’t say enough about how much has changed the lives of so many people,” said Beckris. They offer hope for the homeless and work for them. I still help with vegetables and bring fresh tomatoes, bees, zucchini, salads and beans to our church every week.

Since the founding of Dolan about six years ago, they have been amazed at how archaeological gardens have grown. Dolan said, “Sopot is our biggest supporter, and Vick is the indicator that brought the Church to us. I value the input.

Aarrk Gardens began with the idea of ​​Dolan in a hectare of garden at Bethany Lutheran Church in Lake Crystal.

Before she bought a house there, she rented two acres of farmland in Hebron. You can stay in the property for up to four years.

“I always wanted to help the homeless, the alcohol and the drug addict,” said Dolan, who grew up with an alcoholic father. “I was given this vision, I prayed for it, I put together a strategic plan, and it happened. To some extent, our name refers to Noah’s ark. I can’t do this alone. With the help of the Assistant Secretary, A. We will continue with the support of a financier, a Viker, and others.

Church members Mike and Rachel Yandstad are subscribers and have recently been touring the Arctic Gardens.

“The vegetables are fresh and delicious and I was amazed at what I saw on the farm,” says Rachel. Gardens are carefully guarded by staff, up to schedule, and soil control by fertilizer and bug control.

The church is collecting materials to help the archipelago gardens, using egg cartons, hanging vegetables (cleaned, old or fresh) and plastic fruit containers, such as berries and tomatoes. Items can be downloaded at the church, 10805 Main St. For more information, contact Chris at

Under the leadership of Pastor Mark Boster, pastor of the Lutheran Church, he has served the Huntley community for over 20 years. Visit


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