Hurt Communications 2022 is Australia’s best and brightest.

Top Industry Leaders for National Awards – Australian Fruit and Vegetation Industry Recognition – 79 Growers, Businesses, Researchers and Industry Candidates for Eight Categories, Top 10 Synthesis Grower of the Year and Corteva Agrisins Young Player of the Year

The award will be unveiled on Wednesday, June 8, at the gala dinner at the National Awards for Hot Communications 2022. The awards highlight the achievements of industry leaders and the opportunity for the wider industry to celebrate the best and brightest. Their field.

The awards cover a wide range of areas in the field of fruits and vegetables, including outstanding growers in a wide range of categories, as well as researchers, new agribeans and exporters.

Candidates are received from industry members from across Australia and the fruit and vegetable sector. Prize winners are selected by an independent panel of growers and industry players in the supply chain.

“All the nominees for the various awards categories have shown their commitment to the Australian fruit and vegetable industry and have made a significant contribution to its continued growth and success,” said Nathan McKinter, a spokeswoman for Hort Communications.

“They are all candidates who have been recognized by their peers and colleagues for their success. Given the sheer scale and diversity of the award candidates, it will be difficult to choose a winner in each category.”

“It is a great honor to be nominated for the Hort Connections award, and I wish every candidate the best of luck and good luck. Acknowledgments for their hard work and dedication to the industry, and thank you to all your peers and colleagues for their contributions.

The joint initiative between AUSVEG and the International Fresh Production Association Australia-New Zealand (IFPA A-NZ), Hort Relations 2022 is the first of its kind for the fruit and vegetable industry.

Held Connection 2022, to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center on 6-8 June, will host all members of the horticultural industry from major manufacturers to retailers and the entire supply chain. It is an opportunity for producers and industry members to come together in a central location to build their knowledge and networks, improve their productivity and profitability, and find new ways to secure the industry’s future.

The Hort Communications Team is working with people from the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center and the wider Brisbane community to make the delegation experience safer and more enjoyable. Registration is still open and those who wish to participate can register in person at the event. F.

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