I am a technologist – in 2030 we will live in a virtual world rather than a real one

Experts predict that by 2030, we will spend more time in the virtual world than in the real world.

Nearly 80 percent of Zs generation plays video games, and futurologists predict that large portions of our daily routine will be available only on computer screens and virtual reality headphones.


People live their lives online more than in the real world
Clyde College hosts a open day at Micrograph.


Clyde College hosts a open day at Micrograph.

Glasgow Clyde College has just begun its first virtual open day in computer game Minecraft.

And technology expert Kevin McLean estimates that this is the first step toward moving to Metavers in Scotland.

He said: “I am not only a faculty but also a place where many industries go. Moving the world forward with artificial intelligence (AI), automation, robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality – are key factors controlling all the industries we operate.

The epidemic has forced all of us to move on to a new way of working, and Metavas fixes things like distant work issues and allows us to collaborate more.

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Kevin leads the College’s Department of Engineering, Computing, and Environmental Protection, which teaches everything from mechanical engineering to horticulture.

He thinks the students in the education system need to connect with the online world – and it will be much easier for them.

The 45-year-old said, “Young people are more comfortable in the imaginary world than in previous generations – they know it, they spend a lot of time playing and communicating.

“Virtual trade and markets will never move into the world of meters. People still like to go to the store and see things, and I think the world of measurement allows that.

“For example, buying clothes online is not good. You want to be able to go in and see. The balanced world helps to do that.”

According to the expert, the added reality is the next big thing.

He added: “The virtual world is a created world of lies and you are in the headset. But the added truth is – it’s like wearing glasses and connecting with the world in front of you. Things go there, especially in the workplace.

“It will start on screens in much the same way as we do now, but eventually we will be working in an environment where you are physically involved.”

The epidemic has forced us to work in different ways, to host meetings or to host groups, and to create unprecedented innovations such as virtual producers to manage online events. He thinks the college leader’s move to Metavas will lead to more such opportunities – but they will also have downsides.

Kevin said: “It will be a great tool for training such as health care, construction, engineering and computing – it will enable us to be more involved and collaborative than ever before.

“Initially, people are still very much involved – the technology that powers metvasives is what our students are currently teaching in software engineering, cyber security and computer science.

But as things move forward and we become naturally more comfortable with robotics and AI, and as businesses realize the efficiency that can be achieved, we are forced to look at more and more diverse professions. We lose a lot of manual labor but a lot of other jobs will be created – there will still be that human involvement but it will definitely decrease as the years go by.

And Kevin’s future students can learn more about the courses without having to leave their classroom due to technological advances.

Glasgow Clyde College hosts its opening day on Wednesday in Minecraft. Camps are created every day by 120 million people, and future students can explore the college and talk to staff in the virtual world.

How to get into Mining Craft Open Day

Open day starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4:00 p.m. Here’s how to join a crisis-


Open your Minecraft app (Java Edition v.1.17.1)

Click “Multiplayer”

Click ‘Add Server’

Enter a server address, highlight glasgowclyde.minehut.gg

Click ‘Done’

The server will open at 4pm tomorrow.

Use the in-game chat function to ask staff questions


Visit Twitch.tv/GlasgowClydeCollege in your browser or app

The stream will start at 4pm tomorrow

Simply use the chat box in the stream to ask staff questions.

“The gaming industry is worth more than the movie industry in Hollywood,” he said.

“They ask a lot more questions in the virtual world than they would face in order to burn down their computers and access virtual links and look at the courses and resources we offer.”

While technological advances may fill some with fear rather than excitement, Kevin says that human beings should not be concerned about change.

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He added: “We were in a lot of different similarities,‘ Nah I didn’t see this ’but they have improved and now we bow to you.

“As human beings, we continue to adapt and our young people impose these innovations on us.

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