IGG celebrates 20 years of promoting the fruit growing industry

By Dr. Chris Owens, Lead Plant Breeder by IFG

The fruit industry has grown significantly over the past 20 years, and IFG is celebrating the potential growth we have brought to the world of fruit production.

IFG has shown that table wine can be great, providing a new and exciting consumer experience with cotton candy ™ wine.

Over the past 20 years, there has been a steady increase in proprietary fruit production programs, and IFG has been very successful in focusing on consumer acceptance of our new varieties.

With each step forward, IGG will continue to maintain its position in the agricultural sector, and we are proud to be a source of vision and growth in the industry.

How fruit production has changed

Taking the table wine is not just an option in the store, but what consumers want is a big change in the industry. Until recently, most grapes were funded by the public and supported by universities and government agencies.

In addition to the three main colors, there were a few differences, and the grapes were mainly grown for appearance or for long-term storage. However, as consumer demand for unique flavors, textures and experiences changes with the advent of sweeteners, the industry is slowly transitioning to more proprietary programs and varieties.

Also, over the past 20 years, there have been some major technological advances that have allowed horticulturalists to grow new varieties of fruit faster.

Recent advances in table wine and cherries

One of the highlights of the last 20 years is IFG’s focus on consumer behavior. This is a trend for table wine and other agricultural products.

Cotton Candy ስተዋ We introduced a brand new wine by introducing grapefruit And Taste. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in breeding new varieties, and like cotton candy ™ wine, these breeding developments will have a big impact on the industry.

IFG Cotton Candy Wines

However, it is a slow process as grapes and cherries take many years to bear fruit. There are several stages of experimentation, and each requires starting with the young plants you want to produce. It can take up to 10 years, the fastest, to grow a new vine.

We must not only produce delicious and nutritious fruit but also address other challenges, such as climate change. As the planet warms and the population grows, this may lead to food shortages.

Plant breeders have a responsibility not only to taste better but also to do what we can to grow plants that can withstand more environmental stress and climate change. This means we want to produce plants that can withstand temperatures, prolonged droughts, unpredictable rains and use pesticides to reduce disease use and grow year-round.

IFG in the last 20 years

Cotton Candy ማስተ Wine was popular because it was the first table wine known by name. While this is common for some fruits, such as apples, table wine has not been historically sold. Consumers have been able to make a name for themselves in the table wine industry, and consumers have been able to distinguish it by color.

IFG’s introduction of “Sweet Sapphire ወይን” also created a new table wine category. There were other tasting table wines before IFG, but the IGG was the first breeding company to produce a strong global brand and market strong flavors.

IFG Sweet Sapphire Wines

Traditional table wines are usually sweet and neutral with almost no taste or aroma, and IFG has taken the table wine to the next level to create a superior consumer experience with marketable ingredients.

The future of fruit production

The past 20 years have seen remarkable growth and change in the table wine and cherry industries. IGG has had great success in various fields, but the company’s significant success is in creating tableware that is well-known by name and color, and is especially sought after by consumers.

IFG also caters to consumer needs, with industry trends expected to grow as grapes and other agricultural products become more dependent on private funding. Other current trends will continue, and fruit growers will pay more attention to consumer behaviors and environmental adaptations.

The horticulture industry needs to see many changes in the future, with many technological advances such as mechanization and the use of robotics. We look forward to seeing new varieties for those settings, especially the free cherry stem, which makes mechanization much easier.

IFG Cherry Plantings in McFarland, California

Overall, the IFG model is a vision of the future and will create growth in almost all table wines and cherries.

About Dr. Chris Owens

Dr. Chris Owens has been with IFG since 2016 and is a leading herbalist who has led the development of improved table wine and sweet cherry varieties. It also supports IgG’s research and development efforts. Chris holds a PhD in horticulture from the University of Maryland, a BS in Cornell from Cornell University, and a PhD in Plant and Genetics from Michigan State University. Prior to IFG, Chris spent more than 20 years in the development, cultivation, and cultivation of both grapes and cherries.

Title image: Delicious Holiday Vineyard in Delano, California.

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