Imaginary, physical lessons teach gardeners how to grow in the desert

In collaboration with the University of Nevada, Reno Extension College of Agriculture, Bioengineering and Natural Resources and the Papham Master’s Gardener Program, they are looking for local people who are interested in a ‘garden on the sun’.

In fact, that is the subject of an eight-week series of online lessons on Tuesday mornings that offer the basics of good gardening.

According to the news edition, the series is open to all, but it will be the first step for those who want to work in the main garden.

University of Nevada, Reno Extension Master Certified Gardener Volunteers and Associate Professors Angela Okalagan and M.L. Robinson hold online and in-person workshops for Southern Nevada gardeners in September, October and November.

According to the extension, it costs $ 89 for a series of workshops.

The courses will cover gardens in southern Nevada, according to Extension Program Officer Lori Lee, using native plants to create a lush landscape, using a telephone to help participants properly plant gardens, and more, including basic soil science, vegetation, desert biospec, native. Plants, and other important horticultural issues.

“After a great deal of interest last year, we are pleased to once again offer a completely imaginative and perfect ‘garden in the sun garden’ for beginners. “A mix of virtual and physical education is a wonderful way to expand our reach to existing and potential gardeners.

In addition, the program meets the requirements for the first 25 percent Master Horticultural Training Program, and participants are invited to take a basic horticultural science course as a prerequisite for a comprehensive Master Horticultural Volunteer Training Program.

“There are no volunteer requirements associated with this course but those who have successfully completed the course are invited to apply to the main garden volunteer program and complete the required Level 2 training if they wish to continue in the program. Explained.

In addition, the second program, “Growing Under the Stars,” will be held on Wednesday night at online workshops once a month, and “Gardening in the Garden” is a four-hour Saturday morning workshop.

Topics discussed include growing fruit at home, growing plants for healthy skin, and using inland and desert-adapted plants for landscaping.

For more information on classes, fees and programs, contact the University of Nevada, Reno Extension at 702-222-3130 or

More information can be found by visiting

People who need special accommodation or assistance should call at least three days before the event.

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