In 1946, Munchkin married an Akron woman from Wizard of Oz

Munchkin, a “sorcerer of Oz,” found his heart pounding along the yellow brick road to Acron.

Mainehardt Rabe, a Wisconsin native, starred in the 1939 Munchkinland documentary Hollywood’s 3-foot actor, on his way to Ohio with former Vudeville star Marie Hartline and a little boy.

A.D. In 1941, he was traveling with Oscar Mayer Winner Mobile, showing the little Oscar “World Chef Chef” at the Mayflauer Hotel in Akron.

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Rabbi “Ever since I saw that young man in a hotel room, I have been speechless,” he recalled. If I had ever seen them (fortunately, I was about to go down) and I would have known that she was a very beautiful girl and I immediately fell in love with her.

On December 15, 1946, newlyweds Marie and Mainehart Rabe posed for a photo at Church of the East Market in Akron.

Rabe (formerly known as “Robbie”) has been touring the country with Winner Mobile since 1937 to showcase Oscar Meyer products at the MGM Studio in California.

The 23-year-old actor has starred as one of 124 Munchins’ “Wizards”, and is only one of nine with a speech impediment.

As a coroner, the rabbi wore a purple robe and a special purple hat with twisted edges. He wore an orange wig, a beard, and a beard, all dyed red hair.

Popular lines in ‘Oz’

Dorothy’s house fell from the sky and crushed the evil sorcerer of the East.

“As a coroner, I have to resist

“I thoroughly examined her.

Not only is she dead

“She was really dead!”

4-foot-11 Standing actress Judy Garland raises her eyebrows as she delivers the witch’s death certificate.

After the film was wrapped up, she returned to normal for Raabe’s life. He returned to Winner Mobile and eventually made his way to Akron.

“Come and show us the little Oscar Oscar Air Packed Winners (26 cents),” announced the Acron Drying Company on April 25, 1941.

“The world's smallest chef," A.D.  In 1938 he visited the country with an Oscar Air Force Winner Mobile.

From the time of the “Oz sorcerer”, Rabie grew his legs. 4-foot – 7-legged chef wearing a white chef uniform and white hat at the store 25-27 S. Howard St.

A butcher told a young woman who worked in the Mayflawer. Curious, Rabie went to the hotel and saw 4-foot-6 Marie Hartlin in the lobby.

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