In a bid to launch technology innovations for African farmers, Heifer International selects ColdHubs and Hello Tractor founders as winners of the first AYuTe Africa competition | African

Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, founder and General Manager ColdHubs is a Nigerian business that provides indoor solar coolers to small gardeners and founders and Jahil Oliver. General Manager Hello Tractor, a tractor known as “Tractor Uber” in all of Africa, Kenya today launched a $ 1.5 million Heifer International ( AYuTe Africa Challenge (https: // AYuTe.Africa).

The winners of the 2021 AYuTe Africa Championship and selected from the Continent of Young Continents of the Continent today at the 2021 African Green Revolution Forum.AGRF) Summit.

“Today, young people and innovators across Africa are deploying technological innovations that will revitalize agriculture and food production,” said Adsuwa Efdi, senior vice president for Heifer International Africa Programs. “We want to do our part to help companies such as Hello Tractor and Cold Hub provide essential products and services to smallholder farmers in Africa to develop sustainable and profitable businesses,” he said.

As the winners of the AYuTe Africa Challenge, the companies will continue to receive significant financial investment – a total of $ 1.5 million in grants – from a team of expert advisors – to help translate financial support into violence. Expansion strategy. This is part of Heifer International’s efforts to enable young entrepreneurs to develop affordable technology to grow their businesses. Doing so will encourage a new generation to look for opportunities in agriculture and ensure greater access to services that will enable African farmers to overcome long-term challenges.

Hello Tractor provides technology that allows farmers in the Hello Tractor Market to connect with local tractor owners and own a machine for as long as they want. ColdHubs owns and operates dozens of compact, imported, solar-powered refrigerators in central Nigeria’s rural markets. The portable, self-contained section provides local farmers with beans, peppers, tomatoes, and a way to keep them fresh for days or weeks, reducing waste.

Market-tested, farmer-ready innovations are ready for impact

While many Agrique contests focus primarily on companies and ideas, the challenge of AYuTe Africa requires innovations that are market-tested, farmer-ready, and impactful on the food systems of many countries. Both Hello Tractor and ColdHubs meet those criteria.

Hell Tractor Founder and General Manager. “The whole of Africa sees about 15,000 new tractors each year, and India alone sees about one million. Our farmers need many more tractors and Hello Tractor provides a proven way to increase access to this essential technology.

“With the support of Heifer and the AYuTe Africa Challenge, we can grow 50 to 5,000 ColdHubs in West Africa in five years and create new revenue opportunities for small business owners,” he said. General Manager ColdHubs. “Many African farmers do not have the means to keep their produce fresh, forcing them to sell it soon after it is harvested. ColdHubs offers an affordable, affordable cooling option in the middle of local markets.

Young African visionaries bring new energy to Africa’s agriculture

Heifer International has been a loyal partner of the four African farmers for four decades, standing up for the AYuTe Africa Challenge (AYUTe for Agriculture, Youth and Technology) —and first look at the huge differences between new and emerging local farms. Technologies and non-technologies.

Idigunu and Oliver are examples of young agritech who can help change the negative narrative of agriculture in Africa – showing that the work of many young Africans in crisis can be profitable, productive, inspiring and rewarding.

A recent report by Hepherd International ( suggests that more investments are needed to encourage young Africans to think about opportunities in the sector – far from the effects of the epidemic.

Ifedi sends a strong signal: “The quality of the competition has many opportunities for Africa’s agricultural sector – it has many or many sectors.” “Young entrepreneurs all over Africa have come to understand the struggles of their parents’ generation and see how this has encouraged people in the area not to pursue a career in agriculture. But they are looking at how their innovations and services can transform the farm into a promising future.

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About Heifer International
For 77 years, Heifer International has worked with more than 36 million people worldwide to end hunger and poverty. Working with rural communities across Africa for 47 years, Heifer International supports farmers and local food producers to strengthen local economies and build a secure livelihood. For information, visit

About Peace Tractor
Rapid urbanization, aging farmers, and boredom have exhausted the supply of rural labor and opened up farmland. Mechanization helps farmers plant one-third of the cost 40 times faster, but tractors are often idle because there is no market for smallholders. Hello Tractor works like Uber to get tractor services for small farmers. Cheap tracking devices and software allow farmers and tractor owners to pick up connected tractors from their phones. Farmers will have access to vital services that were not available to them in the past, and owners will be looking at shipping opportunities that will reduce fuel theft and fraud. Helicopter Technology is successfully investing in creating and driving a tractor market for smallholder farmers, serving more than 500,000 smallholder farmers and owners across Africa. For more information, visit

About ColdHubs
ColdHubs Ltd. It is a social enterprise that designs, installs, installs, and operates 100% of the solar energy in Nigeria’s cold storage units, such as farms, fruit and vegetable markets, and outdoor food markets. The centers are used by small farmers, retailers and wholesalers to store and store fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable food 24/7, extending their shelf life from two days to 21 days.

ColdHubs’ solar-powered, refrigerated rooms eliminate food spoilage; Increase income for farmers, retailers and wholesalers; And prepare safe, nutritious and hygienic food for environmental consumption. For more information, visit

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