In-house: Bohemian vibration penetrates a light-filled Southampton home

Special for Post-Post by Jim Winnerman

Julia Smith decided that it was time to move on, after she had to move around a lot. After a diligent search of the Internet, she found her home online in 1916 and found out what she was looking for.

“I wrote a letter to the owner, promising to take care of his property, and I told him that my cats loved him,” she recalls. “I desperately wanted the house, and he was very upset and worried about my stomach. There were two other bids on the first day, but I was contracted at 4 p.m.

Painted Julia Smith, photographed Friday, August 13, 2021, at her home in St. Louis, South Africa, in the early 20th century, with no choice but to paint with ecological sensations. Video by Christian Goodden,

If there was a landlord who would never suffer from the buyer’s regrets, it would be Smith. Two years later, she loves every inch she decides to buy. Includes details that many people do not know.

“Look at this,” she said, pointing to a 2-inch, 18-inch window, one of the four in the house, until she could lock it with the skeleton key she had found. Glass windows that open like curtains, ”she said, referring to one of the art glass windows in the living room. She even admires the variety in her sunroom. One wall is brick, the other is white limestone, the floor is finished with pine and the roof is dirty board.

“I don’t like matchmaking,” says Samite.


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