In Jake Panchari, peanut farmers make a profit

With the intervention of the Horticulture Department, many farmers have embraced the new trend of switching from traditional farming to walnut farming. The relevant department is raising awareness about walnuts and hybrids that provide better quality products.
At the initiative of the Department of Fruit and Vegetation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to double the income of farmers by 2022. Agricultural diversity plays an important role in increasing farmers’ incomes and production by reducing input costs.
Panchari farmers, who depend solely on agriculture for their livelihoods, are making huge profits and have become a new source of hope for Walnut farming.

Pantamari Kumar, a Panchari farmer, said the move to Walno farming has helped him and others in the village to earn a better income.
“In the past, we only grew vegetables, wheat, and corn. We did not know about Walno farming at the time. The administration has helped us by creating awareness and providing good seeds. I have been growing walnuts for about 4-5 years now. ” They said.
Another farmer, Angress Singh, said almonds have not only helped farmers earn better income but also helped workers in the field.

“High quality poles are being produced here. Panchari is no less than any other district in the Commonwealth. Through the efforts of the Horticulture Department, new plans were introduced and farmers were informed about the crop. It has also been improved here for revenue growth. Not only farmers but also workers have benefited. Walnuts are 100 percent organic here. ”
“I thank the department for letting us know about Walno farming,” he added.
“I worked here for 2-3 years,” says Balbir Singh, who works in the almond field. When we make good money, it works. ”
He urged the farmers to set up a market for their produce to expand the business.
Meanwhile, Sarpanch Cooldep Kumar echoed similar sentiments about the benefits of the almond farm. He also urged the administration to set up a market for their products to expand the business.

“About 30 years ago, walnuts were very small in Panchari. Today we have hundreds of employees. We also urge the Union Government to open a shop to sell our fruits, ”he said. (ANI)

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