In Minnesota, this incredible cave has very rarely an underground fall

Minnesota has some spectacular attractions from St. Anthony’s to Guzberberry Allste, but requires only one underground tour.

Niagara Cave is located in Harmoni, 50 miles south of Rochester, about 200 feet deep and 60 feet deep, with underground streams, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites, and even an underground wedding temple.

This privately owned cave is open for daily visits until October 31st, and if you plan a visit, you are advised to book online reservations to avoid long wait times. The tour is $ 20 for 13+ year olds and $ 12 for 3-12 children, free for children under 3 years old.

The hour-long tour will go down to 550 steps in total, so make sure you handle that before you start the tour. Also wear good hiking boots, slides and crocodiles are not recommended, and high heels and barefoot are not allowed during the tour.

The cave was discovered in 1924, after which it was renamed the Niagara Cave in 1932 and opened in 1934. They also have a small golf course and a gift shop on site.

Niagara Cave has been rated as one of the best caves in the United States, with both USA Today and CNN highlighting the cave as one of the top 10 in the United States.

Niagara Cave is just one of the two open caves in Minnesota, and the only one with an underground stream and a fall. As I said earlier, it is private property, and since its inception it has been managed by only three families.

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