In Pindoodo’s efforts to nurture new agricultural potential

Liu Haojie, a team of horticultural researchers and information scientists, is developing a plant disease using computer vision technology.

His team is competing against other leading teams in the second Smart Agricultural Competition in Pinduo, China ‘s largest agricultural forum. He said the aim is to implement the technology developed during the competition and to enable farmers to increase their production.

“China is facing the challenge of rising labor costs and aging farmers,” said Liu, who started Agrittech after graduating from university. “At the end of the competition, we will evaluate our technologies and come up with a viable solution. Finally, we hope to market it to help farmers.”

In the 20s, eight out of 10 participants took part in the Pinduo Smart Agricultural Competition, which showcased young agricultural talent in China. The multi-faceted approach of the competition promotes the distribution of ideas by bringing together experts from various fields of science and technology. It serves as a bridge to connect agricultural scientists and digital technology with smallholder farmers to meet the challenges of the field that new technologies are developing. In addition to technology transfer, such exchanges help to promote ‘youth transition’.

In agriculture, youth and education are still relatively rare. More than half of all farmers in China are over the age of 55, and only about half have a basic education. Although it covers 40% of China’s labor force, agriculture accounts for less than 9 percent of GDP. This provides a great opportunity to close the productivity gap.

“Agriculture is a huge potential industry for young people who want to make a difference in the future of technology and to make an impact on society,” said Chen Ley, chairman and CEO of Pinduo, after announcing the third quarter results at a conference call. “As a platform focused on agriculture, we want to use our platform and technology to provide more opportunities for young talents to enter the agricultural sector, and we want to work with them to improve the agricultural supply chain.”

Pinduo hopes to do its part to alleviate the shortage of skills and technology in agriculture, increase agricultural productivity and support rural livelihoods. Pinduoduo announced the launch of the ’10 billion Agricultural Initiative’ in August to address the needs of the agricultural sector and rural areas.

In addition to attracting more young people into agricultural science and technology, attracting young people and entrepreneurs is also an important part of the formula to boost productivity in the agricultural sector. These new farmers are more likely to adopt technology and new practices.

Chen Pindodo says he will focus his efforts on digital inclusion in agriculture. The company is expanding its course offerings at the Duo Duo Academy’s training arm to provide farmers with the skills needed to run e-commerce businesses. Pinduoduo continues its “zero commission” policy on agricultural products and introduces consumer awareness products to 16 million farmers.

“Investing in technology to improve the agricultural sector is a very important but challenging task,” Chen said. “It requires our long-term commitment, and we will be patient and strategic. We hope that with our efforts we can help build a smarter and more sustainable future for agriculture.”

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