In the Knutsford Bloom, the city’s best front parks are named after them

The winners are in the Knutsford Town Council’s annual front garden competition and the best decorated pottery children’s competition.

The annual summer competition is part of the city’s broader ‘In Bloom’ efforts.

Residents are encouraged to choose their own, their neighbors ‘or their guests’ landscaped gardens.

This year’s competition for the best plant pot has been extended to include children and young people with their own competition and encouraged them to decorate their own pots and choose what to plant in it. The competition is sponsored by T&S Riley Nursery and Fryers Garden Center.

The mayor of the city, the chairman of the Nitsford board in the Blues, and the sponsors’ representatives gathered to review the submissions and were given the difficult task of selecting the winners.

Sandra Riley, of T&S Riley, said:

He was a runner in a garden race in front of George Walton

“We are thrilled to be involved in and support our local community, Knutford, in evaluating such a relative and creative competition in the name of Freeware.”

Jackie Edwards was awarded the 21 100 የአትክልት Garden Voucher from Grove Park, 2nd place went to Blackwell Lane George Walton and third place went to ኮ 80 ወደ Vouchers to David Copek and Madeleine. Chelford Road Brook with 60 ወጡ vouchers.

City Mayor Clare Stewart Gardnerer said: “We were impressed by the city’s high green fingerprints and the quality of the garden contests.

It was a difficult decision to choose the three winners, they did really well.

“I would like to thank our sponsors Fris Garden Center and T&S Riley for awarding judges and winners and I am delighted to have received their certificates and prizes.”

Knutsford Guardian - David Copek and Madeleine Brooks take third place on Chelford Road

Chelford Road’s David Copek and Madeleine Brooks finished third

There were five winners in the Best Plant Contest, with 20 20 vouchers given to Edward, Eboni, Lema and Oscar Howard and Eliza Buxton.

Claire Gardner added: “The children’s input was inspiring, and I hope that their contribution to the competition will strengthen their love for gardening.”

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