In the prison office there is a phrase we use about the bosses – “Get up, get up”.

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I am a teacher Federal Prison in Talahasi, Florida. I started as a correctional officer, but I wanted to do something that could have a more lasting effect – when students get the GED they had on the world, they never thought they would get a degree, really a lot. And that is usually their course of action. I’ve seen a lot of people go into college communication courses and say, “I can’t go through third grade.” That is rewarding for me.

My colleagues and I are very concerned about the fact that the bosses in DC are out of control. Many of these prisoners were first exposed to a computer while trying to take a GED test. It’s time. And the problem is that very few institutions have computer keyboard lessons. Many of our stand-alone writing classes are run on typewriters. These typewriters are old. I’m not as strong as a regular computer, so the typewriters are broken, the buttons are broken, so I have handwritten prisoners from scratch.

So our GED system is now lame on computer-based testing. That automatically leads to bankruptcy.

The agency likes to address security concerns about computers, but there are ways to set up typing lessons that are not connected to the external Internet. It can be done. The money will not be used to authorize.

I work in a facility that has a long-closed computer lab. There are no programs for inmates on those displays because controllers and keyboards are there.

I have tried on several occasions to pay attention to the administration. “You don’t have to be the smartest person in the class,” I was told. So one of the guards said, “If you don’t learn politics, you will never succeed in your career.” And I was, what does it mean in the world? There is no politics that says, “We want A, B and C, and we will find them like this.” This is where we can reduce. ”But you get a lot of returns.

They have a program called Ideas Dollars, and staff can come up with ideas, and you will be rewarded if your ideas are taken. But no one does that anymore. It is difficult to put things in because of pressure. You know it like everyone else. You are considered to have no contact with the administration. And then, you know, I sit down and watch administrators spend money on their own laptops or big screen TVs. Each guard has a TV in their office. Each guard has a laptop. It is not downloading. One of the biggest expenses is a trip to directors and assistant directors in Washington, DC. Just like you, if you can hold a meeting via Zom or video, we can cut the travel budget in half and allocate that money back to the field.

I had a 14-year student in the GED class. He hung on to the test, a point or two away, and the computer test system really put him back. Fortunately, he had some strength to pass. But I mean, I can’t give you the number that someone missed the test by a small margin. And because the prisoners knew they had no time, they did not even try to make part of the text. They do not have the necessary skills to type the essay. So they try to make points in other areas. That happens every day. And I say to them, “Put something in there. On the contrary, you get something. “But this is just a general rule among the prison population -” Don’t waste your time with this section of the article. “

That is a problem with the system as a whole. There may be two institutions that have keyboard programs, perhaps contracted by a local college, but that is generally a systemic problem. For whatever reason, it is difficult to follow technology.

The fact that the number of prisoners knows the law in the first place is another problem. He says we should do our best to provide credit for courses that can be revitalized into the community, such as computer courses, programming courses, resume writing courses, and vocational training programs. And they constantly ask the staff, “What about this program? What about that program? ”And the program is basically non-existent. I don’t know if we are telling Congress these things. But most of these programs are either non-existent, depleted, or under-funded. So they seem to be on paper – the institution seems to have GED, horticulture, culinary arts, conservation care, all of these skills and training. But if you really get into the system, there will not be many registered teachers because there are not many teachers.

As a rule, the first part of the law is to diagnose dyslexia, because the majority of prisoners have dyslexia. And the only people who can manage dyslexia are certified teachers, but it is very difficult to get any of them, because management does not put their resources there to provide incentives or pay or whatever. So you just don’t have the equipment but you don’t have the staff. But we said, “Hey, dyslexia is being investigated.” And it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you look at the prison office, a lot of old-fashioned things are going on. They hire friends or move people who do not share their views. That’s what I think when I think of bosses – administrative decisions are being made. Year after year, the BOP gets more money through the congressional budget, but we have a lot of issues. If we are given a lot of money, why can’t we find a worker? Why can’t we go out and help them become productive citizens so that they can provide enough programs for our generation? Instead, they are using it to promote their friends in the BOP.

We have a good guardian now, but she has not given us the resources she needs. She’s a little more open-minded, but for the rest, there’s always a problem. Before her, some guards or accomplices were arrested for sexual misconduct or alcohol scandals, which often plagued the office staff but often flooded the carpet. It’s the culture in the office – you can’t escape, they can. You know, things that endanger the counselor’s work or activities. There’s a phrase we use in the office – “up, up” and that’s how things go – you cheat and you are exalted. So you get a huge set of mistakes in making decisions that are not really related to what is going down on the ground.

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