Indian News | Arunahal Cabinet approves loan-related plans to boost agriculture, horticulture

Itanagar, Aug. 20 (PTI) – The Aranhal Pradesh Cabinet has approved two loan-related schemes to boost the region’s economy through fruit and vegetable development, which will enable 300 million rubles investment in agro-sector sectors. Friday.

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In the 2021-22 budget year, the regional government has allocated 60 million quarters each for Atma Nirbhar Krishna Yojana for agriculture and Atma Nirbar Bagwagani Yojana.

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The loan-related programs will have three components – bank loans, subsidies and charitable contributions, Interior Minister Bang Felix told reporters.

During a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Phema Kandu on Thursday, it was decided that the share of the subsidy would be 45 percent of the plan, with 10 percent of the subsidy being a bank loan, Felix said.

He said the programs are available to farmers, self-help groups and farmers’ organizations (FPOs).

According to the program, a farmer can earn up to 1.6 million rubles without a guarantee or bank guarantee, while self-help groups can use up to 10 million rubles.

“The programs are available throughout the state, and people must apply in their respective districts through the office of the Deputy Commissioner. We expect about 300 million investments in these sectors. Of this, the government subsidy will be 120 million rubles, ”said Felix.

In addition, the cabinet approved the establishment of a 100-bed cancer clinic in Maharashtra Mumbai, which will provide relief to families suffering from the disease and receiving treatment there.

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