Integrated Greenhouse Construction Training

GROOF has launched a one-year individual and collective training program for 10 early adoption initiatives to support the accelerated adoption of the building-integrated greenhouse concept.

With thematic days and individual training sessions, this guide allows project leaders to predict the outcome, reduce construction costs, improve their design, evaluate alternative business models, strengthen their network, develop local and international communications, and go to the supervisor. Requirements.

This new clear call focuses on 4 countries in the North Western European region, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany. GROOF partners welcome the three partners who are joining the union to further their efforts.

• The Netherlands Free Association for Vertical Agriculture (AVF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the development of sustainable agricultural industry.

• UK UK UK Urban AgriTech (UKUAT) is a technology cross-cutting group working to promote technology-led urban agriculture and increase cooperation among its members.

• Ireland High South Carrie Development Partnership (CLG) is a community-led regional economic development company that explores new opportunities and helps individuals find local jobs.

Conditions to apply
GROOF is offering a one-year coaching program for projects that meet the following criteria.

➢ The project should include the addition of a greenhouse on the roof or in front of a new or existing building.

ክፍል The greenhouse unit can be used for any specific activity (educational, social, comfortable) and must use the appropriate horticultural growth techniques (hydroponics, acupuncture, soil-based vegetables).

➢ The project should be in one of the 4 targeted states in the city or suburbs: England, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.

➢ The whole building must show a desire to reduce CO.2 Releases as one of the key drivers.

አለበት The project is already in the design phase and the owner of the building should be able to show that he has given the advertisers to continue the development.

ሳብ Ideally, the project has already benefited from discussions with the local administration to the conceptual level. The members of the main project team must be identified in advance

R GROOF strongly recommends that all projects have alternative locations in the reserve.

The deadline for submitting your application is January 24, 2022 at 12 GMT.

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