Is DC Tactical Farm Growing Up on You?

Last week, our Executive Director spoke about a A small tree box filled with corn It caused seasonal riots on 17th and M streets in northwest DC. Tactical farming, or, as we have now mentioned, seems to have brought together the “tactical ag”, the Venetian strategic urbanization, our love for the plant epidemic, and the unexpected in urban areas.

When we love him The concept of squirrel, We do not know how he got on the cornfield in downtown DC. But the image has sparked colorful responses in our society and beyond, a. Nail crop That’s something for everyone (anyone who loves GGWash and plants, that’s it).

But not everyone gets scratched. Several observers Advised Soil testing Pencil levels Before you start planting future Old MacDonaldas. One expert suggested that nuts are more likely to be cracked, and suggested that a friendly Debbie Downer be a food processor. Contrary to DC regulations (Probably b Good reason).

And, of course, any fruits or vegetables grown in public places need to be harvested for health and safety reasons. Do DDOT trees increase tree tremors on icebergs?

Perhaps he was overjoyed to think about how stimulating the growth of other products in the city Creativity. One commentator highlighted the high urban agricultural density in DC and highlighted an international map of harvested plants. He noticed that a piece of advice was growing on the horizon of Morgan. When a couple leaves a Virginia book, they point out that it is a regional event.

The term ‚Äústrategic gardens‚ÄĚ often refers to the use of small plots of land in a city (or other area) to grow things. But the “tactical ag” is entrenched and we love it – even if the actual practice bears some complex fruit.

And if you can’t get enough of the city harvest, we hope you’ll join us for the GGWash Fall Mixer on September 30 at Metrobar. Sow you there!

Kyle Roger is the Deputy Director of Greater Washington. GGWash worked extensively in public health before joining GGWash. She lives in Capitol Hill.

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