Is gardener Lee Burkhhill married?

Eve Crossby

Lee Burkhhill He is a well-known figure on our screens for his contributions as a presenter and horticulturalist at BBC One. GardeningHe sees him and other gardener friends competing to design gardens for homeowners in the country.

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But the audience was curious about Lee-ka ‘Garden Ninja’ – and his life away from the show. We have done some research, and This is what we know about the 38-year-old family and love life …

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Although Lee is happy to share gardening tips and tricks with the country, he rarely comes to his personal life. as a result, Little is known about life away from cameras.

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It is not known if he is currently married or in a relationship but on Instagram @ Vegetable_Ninja_liHe is A. Father of a very loyal dog! He regularly shares images of his beloved Border Terrier puppy Barry living in Liverpool.

Lee shares the house with his beloved puppy Barry.

He explained in a recent post. In the case of vegetables, the two are practically inseparable. “Barry is pretty much doing everything with me in the garden. I just pick up the hives and shout,” he told his followers.

Lee is known as Ninja in his fan garden

Although Lee did not comment on his sexuality in interviews, in November 2019, He described his experience as a homosexual during his adolescence.

After further releasing the garden, the rich brothers shared improvements in the new project.

He wrote to his followers on Twitter: “When I started appreciating the micro doses that trans people should tolerate from some misguided and cruel online # trolls, it reminded me that I had to be intimidated as a teenager. So today. I want to promote the #LGBTQoftwitter for all of you to stand strong! #Transs Beautiful “

Lee joined gardeners following the release of suppliers Arit Anderson and David and Harry Rich last year. He has been appearing since the seven major events of the day. With Flo Headlam, Chris Hull And of course a long-term supplier Charlie Dimok

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